Without having to go to the cinema: Netflix announced the arrival of one of the movies of the year

If there is something that stands out Netflix The titles that we find in its extensive list are that it has a large number of productions that stood out in cinema or at festivals in style.

One of the most successful national productions of recent times has been “When Maldad Acecha”, a horror film that captivated the world and was a phenomenon in movie theaters. This week, Netflix revealed that it will arrive on its streaming service very soon.

Poster of “When Evil Stalks”.

Next June, “When Acecha La Maldad” will arrive on Netflix with the premise of continuing to break viewing records in its genre.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this gem will be available in the red N from June 14. In this Minuto Neuquén note we want to recommend the phenomenon that managed to terrorize the world and you can see it in the comfort of your home.

Ezequiel Rodríguez is the protagonist of the film.

Cast of “When Evil Stalks”

Ezequiel Rodríguez as Pedro Yazurlo

Demián Salomón as Jaime Jimi Yazurlo

Silvina Sabater as Mirtha

Luis Ziembrowski as Armando Ruiz

Marcelo Michinaux as Santino Yazurlo

Emilio Vodanovich as Jair Yazurlo

Virginia Garófalo as Sabrina

Paula Rubinsztein as Sara

Lucrecia Nirón Talazac as Vicky

Isabel Quinteros as María Elena Gómez

Desirée Salgueiro as Jimena Ruiz

Federico Liss as Leonardo Leo

Ricardo Velázquez as Eduardo

Jorge Prado as Commissioner Iraola

Diego Sampayo as police officer Gutierrez

Pedro Larrabide as the boy García

Cleo Díaz as Breath Girl

Agostina Aguilera as the crying girl

Celina Carbajal as the Policewoman

The film was directed by Damián Rugna.

What “When Evil Stalks” is about

Two brothers, Pedro and Jaime, are called by a neighbor who urgently needs help. In their humble house they discover a man dying in inhuman conditions who carries a demon inside his body.

Pedro and Jaime try to alert the town of the imminent threat that is about to change the lives of the locals forever, no one pays attention to them and they are judged by both of their pasts. In the midst of this, torment among the residents begins to appear, but even stronger among those who were in contact with this abominable being.

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