Filming this James Bond movie was a shock for one of its stars: “I couldn’t control it” – Movie news

You may have found yourself in a situation where you have been close to someone famous and want to get closer, but suddenly you lack words. It is an unusual but plausible situation, which one believes happens when one is used to dealing with them. But even some movie stars can be left speechless by fellow professionals.

This is a bit of what happened during the filming of No Time to Die, a film that could be seen last night on The Movie of the Week on Spanish Television’s La 1. The filming of Daniel Craig’s latest film as James Bond had its classic anecdotes behind the cameras, with the cast committed to trying to make a farewell in style.

But the pressure somewhat got the better of one of his co-stars. That was Rami Malek, who was in charge of being Bond’s nemesis in the film. The actor wanted to finally be able to make a film of the franchise, and on top of that in an important role, but He couldn’t help but feel the nerves of having to face Craig. caricatured in character. “When you see him on the set, on the 007 set, and he is completely James Bond.”

Have Bond present

Malek spoke about the filming experience during a visit to the talk show The Graham Norton Show, expressing insecurities and confusion: “There were times when I would miss lines and think, ‘Oh, this is because I’m looking directly at James Bond.’ “I couldn’t control it.”

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It certainly speaks to how the role of Bond suits Craig completely naturally, and how he just needs to put on the suit well to make an impression. The shock ended up passing and a film was completed that, although it did not have the expected success, was a more than correct farewell for the interpreter in a role that is still looking for a new face.

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