The untold story of the Jedi that we will see in the series

In The Acolyte, the plot’s focus is on a period in the Star Wars chronology that, until now, had not been explored in the film or television canon. It’s about the High Republic, the moment of greatest splendor of galactic democracy. At the other extreme, the new Disney+ series also explores the Jedi Order from a completely new point of view. This is about the time when he had full power and was, in fact, a point of balance in power in politics between planets. But at the same time, the first features of the evil that, centuries later, would become a powerful enemy, capable of devastating everything, were already beginning to emerge.

The position of the Jedi Order in the High Republic has always been a topic of debate among fans and widely explored in video games and books of the saga. Especially because it is assumed that, at that time, their collaboration with democracy was total and they owed absolute loyalty to the system. However, already in the multimedia project Star Wars: The High Republic from Lucasfilm, it is revealed that the fall of the Jedi is more complicated — and its history, longer — than it seems. Specifically, because it did not begin with the twists and turns of manipulation that ended with Palpatine’s takeover, more than three hundred years later. In reality, the internal problems of the Order began at the most radiant and apparently stable point of the Republic. Something that we will see in depth in The Acolyte.

The Acolyte is the new Star Wars series

A former padawan He reunites with his Jedi Master to investigate a series of crimes, but discovers that the forces they face are more sinister than they ever anticipated.

Especially because it is an unprecedented terrain that, in addition, is located long before the first mention of the topic, the events of Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace. However, both in what is raised by the multimedia experience and by different books, They make it clear that the Jedi were already suffering from some cracks in their organization when they were at their strongest.

A long story

Star Wars: The High Republic It spans 350 to 50 years before the Skywalker Saga, allowing it to more fully explore what exactly was happening to the Jedi at a little-known time. For now, the multimedia experience makes it clear that both the Old Republic and the Jedi Order were going through their best moment. Which not only benefited the way in which the era was perceived – which would later be considered the point of greatest solidity of the political system – but the idea of ​​the incorruptibility of the Jedi.

Reasons are not lacking: both in the comics and in the books of the project, the High Republic is described as an era of enormous strength and influence. Starting from having charismatic power figures such as Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh, to the initiative of great works such as the tour and pacification of the Outer Rim. However, in the midst of what seemed to be a thriving and unstoppable prosperity, there were dark events. Like the attack by the terrorist organization Nihil and the warlike race of Force-sensitives called the Drengir. Little by little, the great promises and benefits of the High Republic had to confront that twisted and perverse side. Much more, subjecting the Jedis to the double pressure of managing to rid the Republic of such a threat.

In the recent novel Star Wars: The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott, published in 2021, delves deeper into this hitherto little-explored ambiguity. Which includes a Nihil attack on Chancellor Soh. Something that allows the Canon to modify itself again. Additionally, detailing the reality of a universe under siege by all types of Force-sensitives, without Jedi training. Which leads to a topic of interest. What role did the knights of the Order have in the midst of a complex situation?

The Acolyte: the first disagreements in the Republic

According to Star Wars: The Rising Storm and Out of the Shadows by Justina Ireland, which continues the events narrated in the first, the first cracks in the unity of the Jedi began with their confrontations with the Nihil. Especially because discovering that there was a whole group of Force-sensitives, who were not necessarily Sith, but were not knights either, baffled a good part of them. Although the Order worked closely with the Republic, the truth is that according to the novels – it is also part of Star Wars: The High Republic—the Order took everything related to the Nihil very personally. Much more, when a third via their beliefs and responsibilities, was a hitherto unknown possibility.

On the other hand, in the Republic, the Nihil attack also had consequences. And that was, relating the Jedis to politics within the Senate. Which would make them a specific force within the government. Centuries later, the Jedi Order would centralize its power on Coruscant, to the detriment of the rest of the Temples. Which, in the end, would be one of the cracks in strength. Which is what the prequels show, to a greater or lesser extent.

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All of the above caused the Jedi to begin to think that political power was as important as it was worth monitoring closely. Which led them to remain vigilant about what was happening in the Senate and oppose the Republic from time to time. A circumstance that would cause discomfort in the Senate and that, much later, would be the relevant event that would allow Palpatine to brand them as suspects. And even traitors.A situation whose origin could be shown in The Acolyte.

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