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There is already a release date for the next film by master Steven Spielberg and it is an extremely special project because it will bring him back to science fiction. Are aliens coming to the big screen again?

It’s been two years since The Fabelmans premiered in theaters around the world and Steven Spielberg once again won the hearts of his fans with the story of his adolescence and the upbringing of his parents: a computer expert and a free-spirited artist. Reaching the Oscar in various categories, the latest movie from the mind behind Shark It was a complete success that is another success in his long career.

Spielberg is not taking a break and a few weeks ago it was confirmed that he was already planning his next film; a film about which many details have not yet been revealed, but two things were confirmed. Lovers of science fiction productions authored by him will be happy, because The filmmaker’s new project will delve deeper into this genre and will also reunite him with one of his most important collaborators.

David Koeppwho wrote the scripts for War of the Worlds and the classic nineties jurassic park, will be in charge of writing the script for Spielberg’s new feature filmwhose title has not yet been confirmed, but which so far is known to be will feature aliens within its story. If you are a fan of this subgenre of cinema, the legendary director’s next production could be your most anticipated release of 2026.

Despite the little information that has been released about this film, one of the data that was shared was its release date. It is now known that This film will hit theaters on May 13, 2026., practically two years after the announcement. The project is still in pre-production, so we probably won’t hear any more news from the author behind Saving Private Ryan in some time.

As this feature film continues to be developed, Steven Spielberg is currently working as an executive producer on the Apple TV+ series titled Cape Fear, based on the 1991 film directed by Martin Scorsese, who also participates as a producer; in addition to collaborating on other titles such as Jurassic World 4, Twisters and Bullitta remake starring Bradley Cooper.

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