He is barely remembered in his highest rated film

He is barely remembered in his highest rated film
He is barely remembered in his highest rated film

It is considered the highest-rated film in Jason Statham’s filmography and yet he is barely remembered in it.

Among the actors of the cinema actionone who is among the favorites of the genre is Jason Statham, who has starred in numerous films to remember.

With better or worse ratings, the truth is that most of the titles starring the performer manage to be very well received at the box office, where millions of fans flock to the theaters to enjoy the exciting mission with the actor.

However, There is a film in Jason Statham’s filmography that, despite being ranked as the highest rated of his career, very few remember it..

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Criticism claims that Spies It’s Jason Statham’s best movie.

As collected Rotten Tomatoes, Jason Statham’s highest rated movie is Spiesan action comedy that actor stars alongside Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne and Jude Law, among others.

With a score of 95% from the specialized pressthe plot of the film follows Susan Cooper, a modest and sedentary CIA analyst and the forgotten heroine of the agency’s most dangerous missions.

But when his partner disappears from the face of the Earth and another agent gets into trouble, Susan volunteers as a secret agent to undertake an undercover mission in which he will have to infiltrate the world of a bloodthirsty arms dealer to avoid a global disaster.

Curiously, in the film Statham has a supporting role but, despite not being the protagonist of the film, he stands out greatly with his performance.

It is not the first time that the performer’s career in supporting roles has been especially valued.since it has also been highlighted in other good titles such as, for example, The Italian Job either Lock & Stock.

Do you agree that Spies Is it Jason Statham’s best film or should he be valued more as an actor in other titles? Tell us in our comments section.

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