Piglet will also star in his own horror movie, and his poster already gives a very bad vibe

Piglet will also star in his own horror movie, and his poster already gives a very bad vibe
Piglet will also star in his own horror movie, and his poster already gives a very bad vibe

For some time now, the films horror based on classic children’s stories. This arises as a result of Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Bloodthe film where the famous bear and his faithful friend Piglet dedicate themselves to killing anyone who crosses their path.

As a result of this, an entire cinematographic universe known as Poohniverse in which we will see new films starring story characters such as Bambi, Peter Pan or Pinocchio.

But this is not going to be the only thing we see within the horror parodies, since a new movie focused on Piglet has just been announcedalthough it will have nothing to do with this cinematic universe.

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Piglet will star in a new horror slasher

As collected Bloody DisgustingSpookHouse MediaWorks and Strange Films Studios have announced pigleta horror parody film focused on Winnie the Pooh’s friend.

However, it will not have anything to do with the Poohniverse that is being cooked, but will be an independent film that presents the adorable little pig from the story as a lonely and ruthless killer, distancing itself quite a bit from the original story.

“Deep in the remote hills of Appalachia, lives Piglet. The son of a once-hardworking butcher and marred by tragedy, Piglet’s lonely life is shattered when fame-hungry millennials invade his land.

In a foolish attempt at exploitation, one of them kills Piglet’s beloved pig. Few know it; They have just incurred the wrath of a vengeful killer. Outraged, Piglet brutally dispatches the intruders one by one, displaying savage power.“, details the official synopsis of the film.

To whet your appetite (or maybe not), the first poster of piglet, where we see a very badass version of the popular pig. You can take a look below.

Although there is no trailer yet, the film has been described as a horror film reminiscent of classic slasher films, which may be very popular among lovers of the genre.

“This new version of the public domain character Piglet combines elements of classic slasher films such as Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We spared no expense to stay true to the genre’s practical effects roots and create a truly terrifying experience..

With a choral cast, piglet is poised to become a cult classic in the makings,” comments the team behind the project.

At the moment there is no confirmed release date for piglet. What do you think about continuing with horror movies focused on characters from classic stories? Tell us in our comments section.

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