The four new emotions in the film ‘Inside Out 2’, which premieres in June

The four new emotions in the film ‘Inside Out 2’, which premieres in June
The four new emotions in the film ‘Inside Out 2’, which premieres in June

‘Intensely 2’ premieres in June in all cinemas in Ecuador. Riley’s ‘command center’ will have four new emotions.

‘Intensely’ (Inside Out, in its original title) was presented to the world for the first time in 2015, showing in a tender and fun way the complex functioning of the mind.

The animated film from the Pixar studiofor Disney, introduces Riley’s mind From birth, a typical child who oscillates between various emotions, while creating memories and core thoughts that shape the personality others see.

The movie ‘Inside Out’ revolves around five emotions:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Rage
  • Fear

Now, nine years after the premiere of ‘Inside Out’, the long-awaited sequel arrives: ‘Inside Out 2’.

The work of Pixar Animation Studios premieres in Ecuador on June 13, 2024 to show how much Riley has grown and changed.

Let’s remember that the first movie ends when in the ‘control center’ (Riley’s mind) they press a red button that says: Puberty.

So the sequel arrives with four new emotions:

  • Anxiety
  • Envy
  • Ennui/Boredom
  • Shame

What is known about ‘Inside Out 2’

  • The trailer for ‘Inside Out 2‘is the most viewed in the history of Disney Pixar.
  • Ennui was going to be called Boredom, but since this term could be translated as ‘boredom‘ in French, then the character has a accent typical of France.
  • Furthermore, Ennui is the only emotion that can control the console from your cell phone, apathy represents.
  • Anxiety He is presented with several suitcases, giving reference to the phrase ‘Emotional Baggage‘: the past experiences that a person carries and that influence their personal relationships.
  • Shame It is pink, just like when a person blushes and, furthermore, it is the greatest because when a person feels it, they have the sensation of be visible to everyone.
  • At the end of the second trailer, when they see a hole, it is called ‘sarcasm‘, a play on words between ‘sarcasm‘ and ‘abyss‘.
  • Initially, Envy was going to be a male villain, but now the character is adorableshow more admiration and he is short in stature, just as people who are compare with others.
  • There is a small Easter egg in the trailer when you see a poster for ‘4 TOWN’, the band from ‘Turning Red‘, Riley’s room.
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