”When evil stalks”, the most successful Argentine horror film, comes to Netflix: since when

The streaming platform added the successful gothic rural horror film to its catalog in the coming days.

When Evil Stalks will arrive on Netflix in the coming days. Photo X.

A creepy film Argentine cinema that will come to Netflix In the next weeks. The movie ”When evil lurks”, directed by Demián Rugnawas recognized internationally for its intriguing plot that manages to captivate the viewer at all times.

The story of the film takes place in the middle of a rural population in the Pampas plain. From a house located in the countryside, two brothers hear gunshots. They don’t really know what’s happening, but they have a feeling that something bad is going to happen. Upon leaving, they discover a body split in two and some strange elements in the ground.

”When evil stalks”, film directed by Demián Rugna. Photo X.

The brothers discover an extremely fat man at their neighbors’ house who cannot move from his bed. His declining physique is about to break down and the brothers realize that he is a “embichado”. What does this mean?

A be evil He begins, from the shadows, to stalk the bodies of the most vulnerable people and everything will go from bad to worse. The only option for them seems to be escapealthough little by little evil will persecute them wherever they are: them and their loved ones.

The trailer for ”When Evil Stalks”. Video

There are times when the film is suffocatingthe performances raise the strain of the spectators to the maximum and everything takes a unexpected turn Will the protagonists be able to escape this evil entity?

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When Evil Stalks comes to Netflix: when is it released?

The successful Argentine horror film who managed to catch everyone he reaches Netflix he Friday June 14. So for those who want to see it, all that remains is to wait a few days for its premiere. Meanwhile, the trailer is now available in streaming platform.

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