the Hija de Perra documentary comes to streaming

the Hija de Perra documentary comes to streaming
the Hija de Perra documentary comes to streaming

After a successful run in Chilean cinemas with more than 10,000 viewers, “Tan filthy and so happy” premieres on streaming, the documentary that details the life and work of the remembered Chilean transvestite artist Hija de Perra.

Through various intimate records captured by the filmmaker and best friend of the performer, Wincy Oyarce, the feature film records the way in which Hija de Perra transformed her transvestism into a political action, questioning gender and sexual identity in a conservative Chile. early 2000, becoming a reference for Chilean sexual dissidence.

“The film had an excellent reception in theaters,” recalls Wincy Oyarce. “We managed to attract more than ten thousand viewers, which is a surprising number for an independent documentary that aired only in alternative theaters,” details the director.

It should be noted that Miradoc’s premiere of “Tan filthy and so happy” is now available in Latin America through various streaming platforms.

“Daughter of a Bitch is super contingent and necessary, since we are in a critical social and cultural moment, where there is an advance of the most conservative, religious and punitive discourses against which she was precisely rebelling,” says the filmmaker.

“Hate speech and the most extreme conservatism are advancing strongly, and we can see how our rights are threatened here in Chile and also in neighboring countries. Daughter of a Bitch inspires us with her speech, her daring and her disobedience against everything established,” she concludes.

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