What happened to Aragorn after the events of the films? – Teach me about Science

What happened to Aragorn after the events of the films? – Teach me about Science
What happened to Aragorn after the events of the films? – Teach me about Science

After a long journey and many fights won or lost, the time of peace has finally arrived for Middle-earth, all thanks to the new king of Gondor, Aragorn. But what happened to this one after the events of the last ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie?

‘The Lord of the Rings’, a saga known in all corners of the world, both because of its age and the adaptations that have been made to it over the years.

You may or may not be a fan of the stories that take place in Middle-earth, but, surely, you have heard about this saga, it comes with action, fantasy, drama and many more events that make it the incredible story that it is.

The ‘Lord of the Rings’ stories were created by the incredible writer JRR Tolkien, who was a British poet, linguist and university professor. His writings were published in 1954 with the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

Years later, at the hands of director Peter Jackson, a new vision was given to the stories of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by bringing them to the big screen, an extremely difficult mission based on what Jackson has said throughout the years.

It was these last projects that allowed us to see the stories and adventures in Middle-earth on the big screen, along with many of the characters that appear in the books, among them, Aragorn, a man who would end up being very important in the plot of the history.

For those who know the stories of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, we know that, at the end of the War of the Ring, when Sauron and Mordor fell, different fates awaited all the characters, but what happened to Aragorn after the events Of the movies?

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When the war ended, Aragorn’s destiny could not have been more filled with honor and peace. When the chaos and darkness came to an end, in a known location, Minas Tirith, Aragorn’s coronation took place.

Gandalf the white placed the crown of Gondor on the head of the new king who was henceforth known as King Elessar, formerly Aragorn, who took the reins of the kingdom and began an era of peace and prosperity for Middle-earth.

Once ruler of the race of men, Gandalf sets out on a journey with King Elessar to the slopes of Mindolluin, where his mission is to find a seed from the White Tree of Gondor, to restore the symbol of peace to Gondor.

From there, Aragorn began eradicating all remaining evil from Middle-earth after years in darkness. He hunted down the rest of Sauron’s followers, some renegade ogres, and returned the prosperous lands to the slaves, along with his friends Legolas and Gimli.

Likewise, he ended up marrying Arwen, with whom he lived happily, he had a son whom they called Eldarion, as well as several daughters.

At the end of his 122-year reign, Elessar made the decision to leave his son as the next king of Gondor so that he could retire to spend his final days with his wife in the House of the Kings of Gondor, dying shortly after that.

He was buried alongside his friends Merry and Pippin, his hobbit allies, thus ending the story of one of the best kings of Gondor.

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