5 old Disney movies that need a remake as soon as possible

Disney has been losing the magic that characterized it over the years, so it would be a good time to remake some forgotten classics.

Disney has many classics in its catalog, but some passed unnoticed, so it would be a good idea if they were remade today

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In recent years, we have seen how Disney has made the decision to adapt and remake some of the most important classics of the 90s, although with the technology of modern times and, in many cases, a realistic style. We have seen this with adaptations such as The Lion King (2019) and Aladdin (2019)For example.

In the midst of the boom remakesthe question arises as to which ones could be other old Disney movies that need a remake ASAP. And this is not because of the visual section, which would improve considerably, but because times have changed and stories can be approached with a new level of depth.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

A Disney classic that deserves to be remembered

The Hunchback of Notre Dame It is one of the great Disney classics, but, unlike the rest, it is characterized by dealing with quite dark themes. For example, This feature film deals with elements of religion, righteousness and many others that could be considered heavy.

At the time, this film passed unnoticed, so it did not achieve the desired success. However, over the years, and as its audience grew, it was given its deserved place. We consider that a remake of this footage would be appropriate today, especially if it is live-actionsince these topics could be addressed for an adult audience and new approaches adopted.

Treasure Planet (2002)

The treasure Planet

Another underrated Disney classic

It’s not a secret that The treasure Planet It was one of those Disney movies that, at the time, did not receive the acceptance or success expected. In fact, many considered it an experimental title. However, as with the previous one, this footage received more acceptance as its audience grew. And if you want to enjoy it again, you can find it on Disney+.

A remake of this film would be very interesting, especially if you opt for the live-actiongiven that people may be attracted to the topic that it handles, as well as its fantastic sequences that seem straight out of science fiction. And it’s a good way to revive this classic.

Dinosaur (2002)


Dinosaur lovers would be very grateful for this remake

At the time, this film received a lot of rejection, mainly due to the pace it managed and, above all, the visual effects that seemed to have been done in haste. However, a lot has happened since then, so it would be a positive thing if Disney made the decision to remake this film.

In case the “House of Ideas” made the decision to remake this film, They could also take the opportunity to correct some plot problems that people didn’t like. Therefore, remaking this footage can be a very good thing, especially for those who loved the concept, but not the execution of the 2000s film.

Merlin the Charmer (1963)

Merlin the enchanter

A classic that not many – almost no one – remembers

The movie of Merlin the enchanter which premiered decades ago is an adaptation of a great classic, as is the story of King Arthur and Merlin. However, it did not receive the expected success either, so an adaptation in modern times could be interesting.

It’s no secret that this movie has some tense and action moments, so It could be very entertaining to see with the advances of the industry currently. Disney should make a live-action remake of this footage to revive the magic that has been lost over the years.

Basil the Super Mouse Detective (1986)

Basil, the super mouse detective

A feature film that has won the affection of the public

This is one of those different Disney movies. In principle, it is a film that is based on the story of Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Doyle. However, this film has a somewhat slower pace and, above all, darker when compared to the rest of the company’s classics.

If Disney made a remake of this film, the result could be very interesting, because new concepts could be addressed and dark elements in the plot. In fact, it is one of the films with the greatest potential, should it receive a new opportunity.

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