Inside Out 2 arrives at McDonald’s Happy Meal

Illustrative image. McDonald’s Happy Meal from Intensely 2. PHOTOART: Antonio Miranda | MARKET2.0

McDonald’s He surprised us with the news that the happy meal will be the protagonists of the movie Inside Out 2.

This news for fans of Railey’s emotions was announced on her official portal.

The objective of McDonald’s having the toys of Inside Out 2 is that consumers, especially children, have something special about this film.

Do you want to know the McDonald’s toys from Inside Out 2? Below, we will give you all the details about them.

Toys Inside Out 2 in the McDonald’s Happy Meal

The happy meal toys are figures of the protagonists of this movie, which are:

  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Ennui
  • Guards Frank and Dave
  • Rage
  • Envy
  • Disgust
  • Happiness


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Relevant dates Inside Out 2

The long-awaited premiere of the sequel to the successful animated film from Disney and Pixar, already has a date and is closer than you imagine.

The story that took us inside Riley’s mind and her emotions will return to the big screen on June 14. Fans of the original film, which in 2015 conquered hearts with its mix of humor, tenderness and life lessons, can now mark their calendars so as not to miss this premiere.

The pre-sale of tickets for Inside-Out 2 will begin on May 30 in the two main cinema chains in Mexico: Cinépolis and Cinemex.

What is Inside Out 2 about?

In this new installment, we meet again with Riley Andersen, who is now entering adolescence. The plot focuses on his life as he begins high school, facing new challenges and significant changes. As new emotions arise in her Headquarters, the young woman becomes involved in an adventure that leads her to confront her maturity.

Riley, now 13, faces puberty and the complexities of growing up. The original emotions—Joy, Sadness, Fury, Fear, and Disgust—are complemented and sometimes challenged by newcomers such as Anxiety, Envy, Boredom, and Shame. These new emotions attempt to take on a more prominent role within Riley’s mind, unleashing conflicts and discoveries essential to her development.

The new emotions introduced are:

  • Anxiety, played by Maya Hawke, reflects Riley’s growing tensions and worries.
  • Envy, directed by Ayo Edebiri, captures the jealousy and comparisons typical of this stage of life.
  • Boredom (Ennui), represented by Adèle Exarchopoulos, symbolizes moments of disinterest and apathy.
  • Shame, played by Paul Walter Houser, highlights the moments of self-consciousness and doubt that are common in adolescence.

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