“No, we can’t hire you”: Actor reveals why he didn’t get the role of Superman

“No, we can’t hire you”: Actor reveals why he didn’t get the role of Superman
“No, we can’t hire you”: Actor reveals why he didn’t get the role of Superman

Actor Matt Bomer, known for his role in the series White Collar, has made a shocking confession that has left his followers and the entertainment industry perplexed. In a recent interview, Bomer revealed that he was very close to playing Superman in a movie that never materialized, but that he believes that his sexual orientation could have been a factor against him.

The missed opportunity

Bomer, 46, said that in 2000 he was on the verge of being elected for the role of the iconic superhero in the film Superman: Flyby, a project written by JJ Abrams that ultimately did not come to fruition. According to the actor, he had signed a contract to star in three films for Warner Bros., indicating that he was the director’s choice for the role.

The shadow of discrimination

However, Bomer suggested that his sexual orientation, which was not public at the time, may have been an obstacle to his casting. On The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, he stated: “Yes, that is my understanding. “That was a time in the industry when something like that could still be used against you.” Bomer did not make his homosexuality public until 2012, but believes that this aspect of his private life influenced the producers’ decision not to hire him.

Towards a more inclusive future

These types of stories highlight the challenges that LGBTQ+ actors have faced in the film and television industry in the past. Bomer’s confession highlights the importance of inclusion and representation in casting decision-making, and the need for change in an industry that has traditionally been exclusionary. As society moves toward greater acceptance and equity, it is essential that Hollywood reflects those values ​​in its hiring practices.

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