to the memory of all those women whose lives were stolen

Seeking to return to memory the injustices buried in a political moment of change, Pau Teixidor came across a need that was nothing personal and much greater: the one felt by all those women who, as teenagers in the 80s, were admitted to centers for pregnant women and deprived of being mothers and that, now, they demand to be able to tell what happened to them. Delivery It is not a real story, but it is the collection of many of them.

The director focuses the film on showing the friendship between a group of six girls interned in the Peñagrande center, played by a group of impressive young actresses led by Sofia Millan. Without sugarcoating the suffering or crossing the line into the exaggerated dramatization of what was experienced within those walls, Teixidor’s years of documentation result in a perfectly achieved balance between trauma and light that gives seriousness, honesty and respect to a film that could not and should not be made any other way.

The women who watched helplessly as their children were stolen will not be able to have their lives returned, but Teixidor He has been concerned about giving them their voice back. to show them that they have not been forgotten.



  • Director:

    Pau Teixidor

  • Gender:


  • Country:


  • Synopsis:

    Marisa (María Vázquez) takes her daughter to Madrid to resolve an unwanted pregnancy. Lucía (Sofía Milan) ends up admitted to Peñagrande, a reformatory for pregnant teenagers. There she will discover that they want to take away the son she will have.

  • Script: Lorena Iglesias, Pau Teixidor

    Distribution: Sofía Milan, María Vázquez, Laura Gómez-Lacueva

    Duration: 101 min.

    Verdict: Emotional, hard, beautiful and tremendously necessary.

    Distributor: Filmax

    Premiere: 6/19/2024

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