Jordan Peele’s mysterious new movie already has a release date

Will the director terrorize us again with his latest project?

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Still without flaws as a filmmaker, the ascending career of Jordan Peele behind the cameras it is surprising to say the least. After an extensive filmography as an actor and screenwriter from a wealthy comedic perspective, the American author surprised everyone with Let me out. First film with which he would end up winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Subsequent titles continued to receive general approval from audiences and critics, so any update about a future film is usually received with enthusiasm from moviegoers. Therefore, knowing the date of his next and mysterious work is in itself a cause for celebration, although the only thing we know about Jordan Peele’s new film is precisely the release itself.

new movie Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele.

Still without an official name, the New Yorker published a cryptic post on their social networks in which a date could be read: October 23, 2026. And unfortunately, taking into account that this is a two-year proposal, for the moment it seems that this is the only information we will obtain. Of course, much sooner we will be able to see Hethe film he has produced with plans to be released in 2025.

new movie Jordan Peele

To speculate, it is most likely that Jordan Peele’s new film will be stick to the genre that has predominated in his vision as a director. Both for its own narrative nature and for the aesthetics of the publication, with sinister numbers on a black background. That taste for cultivating mystery around future projects has been a recurring theme in the marketing of your productionsso we should also expect a long promotion full of symbolism that the fandom You will spend months trying to figure it out.

Jordan Peele’s new movie

As we have already anticipated, we can obtain few certainties from the plot of Jordan Peele’s new film, when we don’t even know much about it. He. However, we know that it will be produced and that he will direct it Justin Tripping (Lowriders), as well as distributed by Universal Pictures. The major She has been in charge of bringing her last two works to theaters around the world; Us and Nope. His debut, however, came from A24.

Jordan Peele's mysterious new movie already has a release date
‘Let me out’, ‘Us’ and ‘Nope!’ signs Jordan Peele’s filmography.

Perhaps the most interesting point about the development of his work is to see how the director will try to worry us now. Let me out was classified under psychological terror, while Us It had a clear supernatural component. Nopehis latest film, maintained that affiliation with the genre with the novelty of generating in the same way an adventure component, absent in his two film antecedents. What they all share is that satirical racial component so typical of the director’s creativity. For the title, He could be linked to the universe of Usbut when we talk about a new Jordan Peele movie, nothing is ever certain.

Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele (Photo/Rich Fur /Invision AP).

Outside of his authorial vision, Peele’s work in the industry is not only about directing. In 2021 she wrote the script for the remake of Candyman and with his film label Monkeypaw Productions he has produced series such as The Twilight Zone, Lovecraft Territory, Huntersthe movie Wendell and Will for Netflix and Dev Patel’s directorial debut with Monkey Man.

The new wave of American terror

Jordan Peele's mysterious new movie already has a release date
‘Let Me Out’ (Blumhouse Productions).

Hollywood may be experiencing a major creative crisis, mainly due to the major studios’ fear of risk. But on the other hand, it cannot be denied that the American horror genre is not shining above the different and varied themes of the seventh art. Thus, in the last decade and with The witch of Robert Eggers A stimulating breeding ground would begin to be hatched that would later have Peele as a stronghold. Accompanied by powerful independent labels, the genre was established with hits that surrounded those dates such as it Follows, The lighthouse, Hereditary, Midsommar, M3GANthe rebirth of scream and the recent Smile, Black Phone either tell me. Thus, the creators of these stories mostly do not leave the plot territory of scare and anguish, generating key names within this new wave of creators, where Ari Aster, Eggers or Mike Flanagan are mere examples of the emerging talent in the field.

elevated terror
‘Hereditary’ (A24).

Just this summer, one of the most anticipated movies is Longlegs, a horror thriller directed by Oz Perkins that promises to introduce us to a horrible serial killer. Will Peele continue this trail of genius or will he have a setback as an author for the first time?

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