‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ leads the worst weekend at the Spanish box office in more than a decade

2024 is being a disastrous year for cinemas in general, and for the Spanish box office in particular. In our country we had been in continuous decline for weeks, with figures below expectations that did not invite optimism. The first week of ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ was a breath of fresh air, but once the initial boom was over, and waiting for ‘Inside Out 2’, the disaster of the weekend of the 14th As of June 16, it has been capitalized: 311,400 spectators and 2.34 million euros in total collection, the worst since, curiously, June 14, 2013according to Comscore data.

This supposes 46% less than what was collected a year ago, when 4.27 million euros were harvested, and highlights the crisis in movie theaters. The Eurocup did not help, with a Spain match on Saturday at 6:00 p.m., but if rock bottom has been reached it is not because of football.

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ is the only movie that maintains good numbers (Sony)

Analyzing the whys would be a thesis, so let’s go with the top 10. As we said, ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ leads the ranking with the best figures of the weekend by far: €891,896, 43% less than in its debut, with an average screen of €1,323 and a cumulative total of 3.27 million in its first two weeks. Even so, it has a difficult time beating ‘Bad Boys For Life’, which earned 6.7 million.

‘Imaginary Friends’ is far behind in second position. John Krasinski’s film achieves a creditable position despite having been in theaters for five weeks, although you only need €205,634 to achieve it. Of course, next week the total collection will exceed 3 million, a figure to take into account.

The last place on the podium goes to ‘Garfield: The Movie’ in its seventh week with €175,151 (5.8 million accumulated). It overtakes ‘Los Vigilantes’ thanks to a less pronounced drop (39% vs. 48%). Ishana Shyamalan’s film must settle for the chocolate medal with €161,812.

‘The Vigilantes’ falls from the top 3 (Warner Bros.)

The best premiere of the week is for ‘Perfect Lives’, with €154,597 and €554 per screen. For its part, ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ is sixth in its sixth week, with €141,318 and a total collection of 6.7 million, the highest in the ranking. These are the data that we could have expected from ‘Furiosa: From the Mad Max Saga’, but George Miller’s film has become established as the weeks go by as one of the disappointments at the Spanish and international box office. In its fourth week it is only enough to be the seventh option, with just €109,550, a very poor €359 per screen and a cumulative total of 2.4 million. A shame.

In eighth place in the ranking we have the other main premiere of the week, ‘Shadows of the Past (Sleeping Dogs)’. The thriller starring Russell Crowe clicks with €82,910 and an average of €319 per screen. Just behind us we find ‘Back to Black’, the biopic of Amy Winehouse that is passing without pain or glory through our country. In his third week he obtains €80,875 and has not yet reached a million in total. Closing the top 10 is ‘Tarot’ with €63,824. Sony’s horror film has fared better, breaking the 2 million euro barrier.

The emotion we need is hope

And the only one capable of giving it to us is ‘Inside Out 2’. The animated sequel is sweeping the world, and finally arrives in Spain ready to save the box office. Predictably, she alone will raise more next weekend than this week’s entire top 10 combined, so next week’s article won’t be as dramatic. Joy, take the controls now and guide us.

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