‘The Acolyte’ mixes it up with this character from the ‘Star Wars’ prequels and unleashes controversy

[Este artículo contiene SPOILERS del episodio 4 de ‘THE ACOLYTE’]

It’s time to reset the day counter without a bitter brawl among the ranks of fans of Star Wars and, alas, also without death threats issued from one of the sectors. The reason? The fourth episode of The Acolyte, the galactic series currently broadcast at a weekly premiere rate in Disney+.

The series created by Leslie Headland (Russian doll) has brought back a secondary character from the saga for a small cameo. What at first seems like the typical nostalgic tactic of buddying up with the fans that each title in the franchise carries out without further consideration, in The Acolyte has unleashed controversy for attacking the sacrosanct canon managed by the fandom. And, as usually happens, The reactions have set the networks on fire.

Ki Adi Mundi in ‘The Acolyte’

It turns out that in the episode of The Acolyte titled Day, with script Claire Kiechel and Kor Adana and directed by Alex Garcia Lopez, has a brief appearance Ki Adi Mundi. A squid-like Cerean lord (from the planet Cerea) whom more observant fans may remember from the Jedi High Council of The Phantom Menace (1999), the first installment of the prequel trilogy directed by George Lucas.

The fact is that the history of The Acolyte is dated one hundred years before the events of that film, which places the life expectancy of the illustrious Cerean well above what is assumed to his species. Silas Carson played him in the prequel trilogy, while Derek Arnold (a regular in alien roles within the saga) has embodied his most youthful version of the series. One that, according to the unofficial canon existing until now, It would have still taken 40 years to be born.

Furthermore, it has also been pointed out that the character’s most memorable intervention in The Phantom Menace could be inconsistent with its presence in The Acolyte. In the film he exclaims that “The Sith have been extinct for a millennium”, while here we see him participate in the search for Mae’s teacher (Amandla Stenberg), an alleged Sith whose identity also boggles viewers’ minds.

This apparent chronological disaster It has not gone down very well among some members of the fan community, who have expressed their anger through social networks. They have even started a war on the Wookieepedia page (encyclopedic database with all the information about Star Wars) with different editions and revisions.

The battle has ended up leading to death threats that those responsible for the page have had to publicly denounce. “This hate has no place here and you are not a welcome person in our community,” they wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

It will be necessary to see if finally the villain of The Acolyte is a Sith or not, whether Ki Adi Mundi has such a damn bad memory, some other reason for hiding or not knowing that information or whether his cameo is another of the patches asking to be ignored for consistency of the galactic universe.

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