‘Detonantes’, review of Netflix’s toughest action film in 2024, which is already the most viewed on the platform

‘Detonantes’, review of Netflix’s toughest action film in 2024, which is already the most viewed on the platform
‘Detonantes’, review of Netflix’s toughest action film in 2024, which is already the most viewed on the platform

He debuted when he was just 13 years old and since then he has not disappeared from the audiovisual world. Jessica Alba She is one of those perennial Hollywood actresses who, even in her periods with fewer releases, continues to maintain a connection with the star system. A highly sought-after teenage performer and prolific actress in the early 2000s, Jessica has given notable roles in both romantic comedies and action films. We can remember her as Leanne in the series ‘Sensation of Living’, Nancy Callahan in ‘Sin City’, the Invisible Woman from ‘Fantastic Four’ or Sartana Rivera in ‘Machete’, as well as the sweet Morley Clarkson in ‘Valentine’s Day’ ‘ or Kate in ‘My Sister’s Husband’.

Now Jessica Alba intends to be one of the flagship faces of platforms by participating in one of the projects that may be among the best Netflix action films of 2024. She is the leader of the cast of ‘Triggers’the film that carries since its premiere, last Friday, June 21, at the top of the precious Top 10 from the streaming provider. For those who have not yet delved into this story, we tell you everything you need to know about ‘Detonantes’, the most viewed movie on Netflix in recent days.

‘Detonants’: review of Netflix’s toughest action movie in 2024, which is already the most viewed on the platform

Quick. Stealthy. Lethal. This is elite soldier Parker, commander of the Special Forces. She is on active duty overseas but must put a stop to all her plans when she is called to return to her hometown with the tragic news that her father has suddenly died.

Become the owner of the family bar, Parker reunites with her old boyfriend, now Sheriff Jesse, his temperamental brother, Elvis, and their powerful father, Senator Swann, while trying to understand what really happened to her father. . What she does not imagine is that, in the midst of personal tragedy, she will end up tying up loose ends that lead her to discover a dangerous conspiracy that includes crimes and arms trafficking. Parker will have to resort to her best skills and arm herself to the teeth to unravel the case, although to do so she will have to question the limits between justice and revenge.

Without skimping on violence, ‘Detonantes’ shows us a hard-charging Jessica Alba like rarely before, distributing firewood without regard. She is the channel to develop the two main aspects of the film, the police investigation, full of mysteries to uncover, and the more physical part, trying to balance action and thriller.

On an entertainment level, ‘Detonantes’ offers 106 minutes of adrenaline. The investigations and the chase and fight scenes are key in this. However, although Alba puts the pressure of making the film on her shoulders, it is still more of a Bourne-style film, in which the protagonist tries to clear her father’s name and purge her responsibilities.

However, as a curiosity, Alba is accompanied by several television faces, highlighting Mark Webber (‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’), Anthony Michael Hall (‘Reacher’, ‘The Goldbergs’), Tone Bell (‘Truth Be Told’) and Jake Waery (‘Pretty Little Liars’). But the most striking presence of this cast may be that of Gabriel Bassowho for those who cannot locate him, is the actor who played Peter Sutherland in ‘The Night Agent’, which is preparing its second season on Netflix.

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