Intensely 2 woke up the box office of Mendoza’s cinemas from a long nap

Intensely 2 woke up the box office of Mendoza’s cinemas from a long nap
Intensely 2 woke up the box office of Mendoza’s cinemas from a long nap

This is replicated throughout the country, breaking records like that of the last holiday Friday: That day alone it sold more than 550,000 tickets in Argentine theaters. A phenomenon like this had not occurred in 27 years. And of the 4 million viewers it had since its premiere less than two weeks ago, half attended during the extra long weekend that has just been lived.

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In a single day, the holiday Friday that passed, Intensely 2 sold more than 550,000 tickets in Argentine theaters. Something that had not happened for 27 years.

In Mendoza, for example, Intensely 2 has had most of its performances sold out since its premiere last Thursday the 13th. The seats at the Imperial de Maipú were full at the 8 screenings that until this Sunday offered that municipal hall. Almost the same thing happened in the General Alvear and San Rafael cinemas.

While the Cinemark Hoyts Palmares and Cinépolis complexes (of Mendoza Shopping, La Barraca, Arena Maipú and Tadicor in Las Heras) They had to add late night shows and also sold out several of the more than 40 show times. that they have daily.

Starting with Intensely 2, mental health workshops are held

To the phenomenon, which in recent cinematic history it is beginning to be comparable to the release of Toy Story 4 in 2019In Mendoza, proposals linked to the themes are riding the wave, such as makeup and merchandising stands or talks and workshops on emotions in adolescents.

Declared the highest-grossing film of the year, Inside Out 2 is a sequel to the 2015 hit about the inner workings of a girl’s mind. In this second installment, The main character Riley is already a teenager and is dealing with new emotions, such as anxiety and envy..

It is precisely these two new emotions that specialists and critics rely on to explain their victory, since “He knew how to read very well the feeling that prevails in today’s adolescence“.

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As a result of the film’s boom, the municipality of Maipú offers workshops on emotions to prevent and promote mental health in adolescents.

This is how, motivated by the impact of the film, the Mental Health area of ​​the municipality of Maipú designed an Emotions Laboratory for children and young people from 8 to 14 years old, families, teachers and schools. The objective is to strengthen actions related to the prevention and promotion of child and adolescent mental health.

“The Emotions Laboratory consists of a series of workshops that start in the winter schools, now in July, and after the holidays it will tour primary schools, clubs and a mobile film series,” reported Florencia Mezzabota, psychologist and head of Mental Health of Maipú.

The idea is to be able to recognize emotions, express them and work on emotional regulation “which is a skill that is learned and seeks to be aware of emotions to choose healthy behaviors,” explained the Maipucina official.

The interior cinemas, with a full box office

For the third week Intensely 2 is still showing in Mendoza’s cinemas, from the largest complexes to the smallest theaters. In Maipú and in the southern province, most of the performances have been given to a packed house. “The shows are sold out in the first hours the box office opens each day, so we are going to have it for another week,” confirmed María Delia Achetoni, manager of the Antonio Lafalla cinema in General Alvear.

And he recalled: “Whenever there are blockbuster films it is a success, children’s films are generally the highest grossing, but We haven’t experienced this since the July holidays of last year“.

Along the same lines, from the Amelix cinema in San Rafael they stated that “the boom of this premiere has marked history in all the cinemas in the world” and that “We were surprised by the magnitude of the interest of the San Rafael society to see the movie,” said Geraldine from the Amelix San Rafael cinema.

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This Monday, despite it being a weekday and the end of the month, the commercial theaters showed long lines to see the movie.

Photo. Nicolás Rios /Diario UNO

At the Imperial de Maipú also “it is far exceeding expectations. Since the premiere we have sold out performances for the 600 seats we have,” reported Gabriel Zamora, in charge of this Maipú hall. And he announced that During winter holidays they will have two shows a day all week. Today the cinema is open from Thursday to Sunday and offers a single daily performance since the municipal space also lends itself to plays and recitals, among other artistic proposals.

The price of the Imperial cinema ticket is the cheapest Compared to the rest: it costs $2,000 while in other Mendoza cinemas the tickets do not go below $5,000 (except 2×1 promotions that can be obtained for about $4,100). In the Maipú cinema alone, some 5,000 people have already seen the film.

Cinemas brought forward the holidays

Last week, Despicable Me 4 added to the furor to see Inside Out 2, which started with a more lukewarm interest and settled in second place among the most watched films in cinemas during the XXL weekend that just ended. With which, movie theaters seem to be experiencing an early winter vacation.

For Luciano Barchetti, manager of Cinépolis Mendoza -which includes the Mendoza Shopping and Arena Maipú complexes-, Intensamente 2 “It is an event that has broken all schemesfinished its first week of screening becoming the second highest-grossing film in history, behind Toy Story.”

Barchetti said that school groups attend to watch Inside Out 2 and then work on its content in the classroom. In addition, she confirmed: “We haven’t seen these numbers in the cinema for a long time, since Barbie or before, I would tell you.” In their complexes The animated film is shown more than 40 times a day, in different formats (2D, 3D, 4D) with shows that start in the morning and end at night.

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Cinemark Hoyts de Palmares recommends purchasing tickets 5 days in advance.

Photo: Nicolás Rios /Diario UNO

The same thing happens at Cinemark Palmares. “We had to add shows all week to the schedule because we sold out all the rooms.“said Natali Coria, manager of the complex located in the Godoy Cruz shopping center. Hence, she recommended “getting tickets 5 days in advance, because when you arrive at the cinema there may not be availability if it is to see the movie on the same day.” .

“On Friday,” Coria revealed, we broke box office recordentering more than the amount of viewers we had compared to Minions or Barbie or Avengers in recent times.”

Intensely cinemas.jpeg

It had been at least a year since the local movie complexes had seen their box offices filled with spectators.

Photo: Nicolás Rios /Diario UNO

The particularity that this film has, according to the Cinemark manager, is that “they sell out until the morning performances; Before, the busiest times, which are after 6 p.m., were sold out.” And he stressed that the large number of audiences it attracts is also due to the fact that it is large: “We see many groups of young people come to see it, not just children or familiar”.

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The University cinema “did not see it” but will screen it during the break

The only Mendoza cinema that does not have the movie of the moment on the billboard is the Universidad cinema. From the room belonging to the UNCuyo they explained that the films are scheduled well in advance because this date before the winter break has many world premieres and titles such as Intensely 2 are among the most requested.

“It is a film for all audiences, so it could be projected in the University cinema,” argued Federico Cardone, in charge of the theater that operates in the Nave Universitaria de Ciudad. And he confided that they preferred to screen Despicable Me 4 – which is currently on the bill – instead of Inside Out 2. “The programming is closed a long time in advance and at that time It didn’t seem to us that it was going to be a phenomenon like it had happened with the past versions of Despicable Me“Explained Cardone.

And he acknowledged: “Seeing now how the issue is, we are reevaluating changing the movie and having Inside Out 2 during the winter holidays.”

Despicable Me 4.webp

This last Thursday Despicable Me 4 arrived at local cinemas and could not discourage the box office success of Inside Out 2.

Cardone stated that “The increase in viewers that this movie has generated is brutal.rarely seen and very difficult to understand.” This is because the cinema was in decline “with 60% fewer viewers prior to Inside Out 2.”

“I did not see the film, but from what I have read and what people who did see it have told me, it seems that two things come together to explain the phenomenon: the film is very good and it captured the adolescent and youth audience because they managed to understand what they wanted. now passes to that generation, It hit right in the middle of adolescents where the greatest frustration or ailment comes from anxiety.“.

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