Inside Out 2: Premiere, trailer, characters and new emotions

Since the sequel to this film was confirmed by its creators, Inside Out 2 (Inside Out 2due to its original title) has been placed as one of the titles to keep an eye on, because no matter how old you are, this saga has managed to move different generations.

Although, this is not the first time that a Pixar Animation Studios title has managed to position itself as one of the most anticipated movies of the momentthis project managed to open the conversation about the awakening and management of emotions in a sensitive and tender way.

This time under the directed by Kelsey Mann and production by Mark Nielsen comes to the big screen to culminate in a project that promises to touch your most sensitive fibers. We tell you everything you need to know about Inside Out 2.

When is Inside Out 2 going to be released?

Inside Out 2 will continue Riley’s story.Courtesy of Disney

The release date of Inside Out 2 is June 13, 2024so from this date you will be able to find it on the billboards of selected cinemas.

When is Inside Out 2 coming to Disney Plus?

For now there is no confirmed date for Inside Out 2 to arrive on Disney Plus. However, movies usually arrive on the streaming platform a few weeks after they are released in theaters.

Where to watch Inside Out 2?

The date on which Inside Out 2 will arrive on Disney Plus has not yet been announced.

What is Inside Out 2 about?

It was in 2015 when the first film introduced us to Riley Andersen, a young woman whose move to San Francisco sparked confusion within her. Thanks to the Central Headquarters, a space within her mind, the emotions that inhabit her interior led her to navigate the mixed feelings and identify their origin. The plot of Inside Out 2 follows Riley in a different stage of her life. With her entering high school and new people emerging on her horizon, everything seems to be changing, and the arrival of more members to her body will unleash an adventure that will take her one step closer to maturity.

Despite Joy, Sadness, Fury, Fear and Displeasure had ruled the barracks until now, the most recent members will seek to take control to explore the complexity that comes with growing up, which could cause a seemingly inevitable struggle mostly known as puberty.

What are the new emotions in Inside Out 2?

The sequel will feature the arrival of new emotions.Courtesy of Disney.

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