4.5/5 stars: This is the best Pixar film according to SensaCine readers – Film news

4.5/5 stars: This is the best Pixar film according to SensaCine readers – Film news
4.5/5 stars: This is the best Pixar film according to SensaCine readers – Film news

This title marked the revolution in digital animation and its characters have accompanied us for 24 years

Goodbye to paper and pencil. In 1995, An animated film completely changed the film industry. Maybe you didn’t know it, but the first animated feature film created entirely by computer is titled Toy Story and it was the first film from Pixar Animation Studios. Almost three decades later, Woody and Buzz Lightyear have accompanied us throughout our lives in four different installments of the saga. This film not only changed the course of animation, it has also become a must for many movie buffs.

Precisely, toy story It is the best Pixar film according to SensaCine readers. With a score of 4.5 out of five stars, our users define it as a feature film “capable of giving me what no other film has given me”, “a classic” or “the film that marked an entire generation”. John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and Steve Jobs are the names behind the success of Pixar and the correct development of the technology that allowed toys to come to life before our eyes.

When little Andy leaves his room, his toys come to life and form a community under the leadership of his favorite doll, Woody the cowboy. Little does Andy know that every birthday is a time of great anxiety for his toys, as they fear being replaced by new ones.. Woody is the only one who doesn’t worry about this, as he trusts his position as Andy’s best friend.

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However, the cowboy’s world falls apart when one of Andy’s last birthday gifts is a Buzz Lightyear, a sophisticated and modern space toy that is on the rise. This intrepid space adventurer quickly wins the affection of the protagonist, who begins to play alone with him, leaving Woody aside. Resentful, The cowboy hatches a plan to get rid of Buzz Lightyear, but this will only mark the beginning of a series of exciting adventures in which, ironically, both toys will end up becoming the best friends in the world.

Accompanied by Rex, Mr. Potato and Bo Peep, Woody and Buzz will earn a place in your home and in your heart, staying there throughout four different films. The film has received a five star rating in Diana Albizu’s review for SensaCinegranting it masterpiece status. “It is a work of engineering at all levels, not only in terms of its computer-generated animation, but, notably, in the construction of its script,” confesses Albizu.

toy story received three nominations at the 68th Academy Awards: Best Original Screenplay, Best Score and Best Song, these last two being compositions by the talented Randy Newman. Furthermore, Pixar was awarded an honorary Oscar for developing the technology that made the first fully computer-animated feature film possible. The film is available in the Disney+ catalog and we assure you that it will take you on a journey that you will not want to return from.

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