‘Inside Out 2’ recovers the debate on the translation of films in Spain and Latin America

From time to time, the debate over the translation of movie titles Hollywood’s translation into Spanish has a queue due to the contrast between Spain and Latin America.

The premiere of the sequel Inside Outknown as Reverse in Spain (although I also add the title tag in English) and as Intensely in Latin America, has reopened the controversy on social networks, where many have once again shared their opinions on the matter.

How is that Intensely in Spain it is called Reverse“said the original message from a user of the social network the laughter of many and the anger of many others.

This eternal and absurd battle for dubbing into Spanish always recovers some translations as ridiculous as the Spanish titles of Dreaming, dreaming… I will succeed skating (Ice Princess) either The jungle of crystal (die hard), while among the Latin American titles we find My poor angel (Home Alone) either The night of cold noses (One Hundred and One Dalmatians). And if something unites us, beyond language, it is the overflowing imagination of companies to retitle films.

To this controversy between Spain and Latin America has also been added the intrusion in the dubbing sector of non-professionals, causing quality to decline and affecting even Inside out 2 (Inside Out 2) in Spain.

Beyond the ignorance of certain viewers who criticized the signing of Michelle Jenner and Rigoberta Bandini To interpret some of the new emotions, two voice actresses who have been working for decades In some of our favorite movies and series, many pointed to the presence of other performers such as the singer Chanelwho really has no experience behind him.

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