Clark Kent’s appearance in the new Superman movie revealed

With the filming process taking place outdoors, a series of new images have been released to provide an approach to the film. superman who will direct James Gunn.

On this occasion, and after a series of photographs that have presented the hero’s costume and other characters, an image has now come to light that presents what the actor will look like. David Corenswet in his work as a reporter at the Daily Planet in the role of Clark Kent.

Unlike the previous film version, the new film will focus on a more traditional lookbut not slicked like the actor’s classic Christopher Reeve.

That is to say, There will be a real contrast between the hero and his earthling alter ego.

In addition, photos also emerged showing the rest of the Daily Planet reporters and photographers, including Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Wendell Pierce as editor Perry White, Beck Bennett as sports journalist Steve Lombard, Skyler Gisondo as photographer Jimmy Olsen, Christopher McDonald as journalist Ron Troupe and Mikaela Hoover as journalist Cat Grant.

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