Two months after its premiere in Japan, this cult saga reaches Spanish theaters with its highest-grossing film – Film news

Two months after its premiere in Japan, this cult saga reaches Spanish theaters with its highest-grossing film – Film news
Two months after its premiere in Japan, this cult saga reaches Spanish theaters with its highest-grossing film – Film news

The legendary manga character created by Gōshō Aoyama and first published in 1994 returns to movie theaters to refresh the summer

Manga and anime fans are in luck, as one of their most iconic characters returns to Spanish cinemas thanks to Alfa Pictures with a whole new story, Detective Conan: The Million-Dollar Pentagram. And, what’s more, it is directed by Chika Nagaoka, becoming the first woman to direct a film in the saga.

But maybe, even though I am a fan of manga and anime, the character of Detective Conan does not sound too familiar to you. Don’t worry, we are here to fix that.

Who is ‘Detective Conan’?

Beneath the boyish appearance of Detective Conan hides Shinichi Kudo, a famous—and precocious—17-year-old detective who is poisoned one day by some men in black and white. shrinks until it takes on the appearance of a child of about seven years old. It is then that Shinichi changes his name to Conan Edogawa and does not leave his job, the other way around: he remains committed to solving criminal cases despite appearing to be in the 2nd year of ESO, even helping the police, and trying to discover the identity of the organization. criminal who one day poisoned him, and thus return to his original size.

Along with the character of Conan we meet Ran Mouri, the daughter of Kogoro Mouri, a former police officer and private detective with whom Conan himself lives. Ran is Shinichi’s childhood friend and even has a crush on him. However, She doesn’t know that this boy is actually the person she is in love with., although suspicious. Mouri’s character is fundamental in the series as he is one of the people closest to Conan.

What is this new installment of ‘Detective Conan’ about?

Detective Conan: The Million-Dollar Pentagram is the 27th film in the Detective Conan franchise and it premiered in Japan on April 12 with tremendous success, becoming the highest grossing of the entire saga: it raised no less than 3.35 million yen. With more than 100 volumes published to date, Gosho Aoyama’s series continues to be published in Japan and remains, to this day, as the third best-selling manga in Japanese history.

On this occasion, the character of Kaito Kid—a white-collar thief who is sometimes a villain and sometimes an ally—aims to steal an ancient japanese sword who has connections to the legendary warrior Toshizo Hijikata. In this installment, the character of Kaito Kid has great importance, and you can also see some of the scenes between the two as a tribute.

If you like anime, but you didn’t know this character, don’t worry, you can go see this movie without problems, since the Detective Conan films usually include independent and self-contained stories. Each film presents a case Conan must solve. In fact, this film may be the starting signal to delve into the world of this ‘child’ despite him, since it compiles his encounters with Kaito Kid.

You know: summer without anime in the cinema is not summer. That’s why, Save the date for June 28 and enjoy in a large room—and air conditioning—of Detective Conan: The Million-Dollar Pentagram.

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