Miles Morales would make the leap with a live-action movie, but not for Marvel Studios

Not just a Spider-Man has existed in the comics. Of course, there is Peter Parker as a central figure, but there was also his clone in the nineties, his versions from other universes such as Spider-Man 2099 and the legion that was sustained in recent years with the entire history of the Spider-Verse. But in all that scenario, the definitive alternative Spider-Man is undoubtedly the teenager Miles Morales.

Emerging from the Ultimate line of comics, transported over time to the central universe and focus of its own successful animated films, now its future would remain on the big screen, but with a flesh and blood version.

According to a report from Jeff Sneider in the program The Hot Mic, The Sony studio has already begun the casting process to choose an actor for the role of the Afro-Latin spider hero. However, the most striking thing is that its incorporation would occur in its universe of films, which includes Venom or failures like Madame Weband not for the saga of Marvel Studios.

Keep in mind that the possibility of a Miles Morales movie has been around since 2021.

Additionally, a report from insider Daniel RPK indicates that, for his part, Kevin Feige would be close to choosing a director for the fourth Spider-Man movie starring Tom Hollandsince the MCU will keep Peter Parker as one of its heroes.

For now there are no additional details, but he assured that the symbiote that was left in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home It will play a role in the story, so what was seen in the trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, where it was implied that the remains would be returned to the universe of Tom Hardy’s film, only sought to mislead fans.

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