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Neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob: I’ve watched ‘Twilight’ more than a decade later and my priorities have changed – Movie News

Neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob: I’ve watched ‘Twilight’ more than a decade later and my priorities have changed – Movie News
Neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob: I’ve watched ‘Twilight’ more than a decade later and my priorities have changed – Movie News

“Where the hell have you been, loca?”: Learning to recognize ‘red flags’ and not put up with nonsense. Also trying to decide between Carlisle and Charlie

I was equally clear that in Forks it rains more than the sun comes out. So much so that the fact that I had to choose between the two seemed to me one of the most absurd things in the world. At 14 years old, it fell into my hands Twilight and it didn’t take me a second to convert Edward Cullen in my teenage literary crush. It was immediate. All Stephenie Meyer needed to do was write her now legendary entry in the high school cafeteria and we were all Bella Swan wondering who that pale, mysterious, strange boy was. new Moonthe second installment of the saga, activated the battle. The vampire abandons the protagonist and there were people who began to go over to the side of Jacob Blackthe other vertex of the vampire-human-werewolf love triangle. I was Team Edward until the end, but time has passed, my priorities have changed and now the sides I have to decide on have a new leader. The question is between: Team Carlisle or Team Charlie.

Twilight It was a real hit. After the literary success of Meyer’s first books came the films. Finding actors to play the leading couple was going to be difficult. Especially Edward Cullen, for whom expectations were sky-high. Robert Pattinson was the chosen one and, well, the rest is history.

On how many walls has the constricted face of the actor who now gives life to Bruce Wyane/Batman characterized as the vampire. Everything he did in the books and in the movies was very romantic in the eyes of a teenager: sneaking into Bella’s room to watch her sleep, protecting her to the point of exhaustion, those intense phrases in which he stressed how difficult it was for him to be close to her without wanting to sink his teeth into her…

Now let’s move forward in time. More than a decade has passed since the premiere of Twilight and you see it again and everything that seemed so beautiful to you turns into the creepiest thing in the universe. Because, By the time you reach your thirties you’re already smart enough to recognize a tremendous amount of ‘red flags’ and Edward Cullen is, basically, a ‘red flag’ with legs.. What is this about sneaking into someone’s room to watch them sleep in the shadows? Disgusting. And what about being excessively overprotective? Help. Please, but I even ‘stalked’ her on the street. @police.

And as you begin to realize what a terrible boyfriend Edward Cullen is, you begin to see Carlisle already Charlie with different eyes. With more experienced and sensible ones. And, what’s more, you discover by taking a stroll through TikTok that you are not the only one to whom this happens.

This sums up everything that’s great about Carlisle: “When you go from Team Edward to Team Carlisle. Doctor. Wise. Athletic. Knows how to perform under pressure. Resists temptation. Ages well. Brings people together. Leader. Knows how to handle conflict. Impeccable“.

Another case: “When you’re 28 and you realize you’re not Team Edward or Team Jacob anymore”.

Note how, at the end of this marathon of The Twilight Sagathe applause of the audience goes not only to Edward Cullen – the teenager in all of us can’t help but scream. That’s right – but also to Charlie, who was brought to life by Billy Burke in the film franchise. Those people who break their hands when the protagonist’s father appears are the same ones who saw the first installment of teenagers and have now grown up. Those people are me.

The most surprising thing of all is how Charlie manages to be more decent, sensible and understanding than his son-in-law.who is about 100 years old and has had more time in life to stop being so intense and annoying but has not managed to do so. Look at Carlisle too: He works as a doctor, he is polite, calm and kind. And he is more than three centuries old and should already be extremely tired of life.

Going back to those stories that were of great importance in your youth is something we should all do. It is not only the feeling of mixing nostalgia and curiosity for something that you lived with such intensity, but also It’s a way to realize how much you’ve changed and matured.. “Where the hell have you been, loca?”: Well, learning to recognize ‘red flags’ and not putting up with nonsense. And right now I’m trying to decide between Carlisle and Charlie, which I’m not as sure about as I was when I was 14.

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