the perfect order to watch the saga

the perfect order to watch the saga
the perfect order to watch the saga

Gru is back and that’s always good news for animation and humor lovers. But also, Crane 4. My favorite villain has a lot to offer to an ever-growing universe. Once again, the story explores what has happened to the most lovable grump of all and his family. The latter with an added twist. There’s a baby at home and new responsibilities for Gru, now a father of four and a loving husband. Which will bring all kinds of hilarious situations andthe possibility of making this world, populated by villains and clever jokes, bigger, more interesting and richer.

But the new installment also makes one thing clear. The franchise is only growing, and it does so by making all of its characters mature — despite looking exactly the same — and become more interesting. The result is that the saga, which began in 2010, not only maintains its popularity intact, but also shows that it still has a lot to show about its protagonists, strange adventures and complications. If there is one thing that distinguishes Crane 4. My favorite villain is that there is a whole new dimension to his best-known songs. But at the same time, it makes clear that this universe,is ready for new figures, conflicts and points of view.

But it also means that you have to have some idea of ​​what has happened before in the saga to enjoy its best moments, jokes and puns. To help you with that, we leave you the chronological order of the franchise, both by the dates of its release, and by the way in which its universe advances.Do you want to enjoy this world that becomes more entertaining from tape to tape? This short summary is for you.

In order of release

In 2010, the first of the films hit the big screen. The story of Gru, a villain who only minded his own business and ended up being a father of three, not only moved people, but also became an instant hit. Charismatic, funny and, to everyone’s surprise, also sensitive, This protagonist, who does not always do things well, won over the public.

As time went on, the franchise added characters and explored many more. So in 2013, Lucy Wilde came into Gru’s life to become his love interest. Two years later, the ever-loyal Minions told their own story — and made the audiences who love them laugh out loud — and gave way to the third part of the central saga. It hit theaters in 2017 and introduced Gru’s brother, Dru, which added new situations to this ever-growing family.

Finally, in 2022, Minions: The Origin of Gru chronicled the titular villain’s early years in the company of his inseparable Minions. All leading up to the latest installment, in which a new baby arrives at home and the Minions reach a new level of power. So if you want to see the franchise as it premiered on the big screen, you can do it in the following way:

  • Crane, my favorite villain (2010)
  • Crane, my favorite villain 2 (2013)
  • Los Minions (2015)
  • Crane, my favorite villain 3 (2017)
  • Minions: The Origin of Gru (2022)
  • Crane, my favorite villain 4 (2024)

In chronological order

But if you want to enjoy the franchise in chronological order — or how all the events in the saga are supposed to have happened — you’ll have to order the tapes differently. Which will allow you to enjoy the story of Gru’s childhood, his first encounter with the Minions, the moment he met Lucy and Dru. All to get to the big moment of the new baby in Crane, my favorite villain 4. To experience the adventures of the most charming villain of all in this way, you should watch the movies like this:

  • Los Minions
  • Minions: The Origin of Gru
  • Crane, my favorite villain
  • Crane, my favorite villain 2
  • Crane, my favorite villain 3
  • Crane, my favorite villain 4

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