3 reasons why ‘Inside Out 2’ was a huge success in Mexico

3 reasons why ‘Inside Out 2’ was a huge success in Mexico
3 reasons why ‘Inside Out 2’ was a huge success in Mexico

It is no secret that in Mexico we really like Pixar movies, because they almost always present us with endearing stories that stay in our hearts. However, We are sure that no one imagined the phenomenon that would occur with Intensely 2 on this side of the world, because what is happening is truly crazy.

It was last June 13 when the sequel to the film released in 2015 arrived in Mexican movie theaters.directed this time by Kelsey Mann (who had previously worked on productions such as The Good Dinosaur, Soul, Turning Red y Elemental) produced by Mark Nielsen (Here you can check out the conversation we had with the minds behind this film.).

‘Inside Out’ became one of Pixar’s most beloved, acclaimed and successful films/Photo: Disney

‘Inside Out 2’ became a mega hit in Mexico and there are three interesting reasons

And if, Intensely 2 It was a success in our countrybecause we were overcome with nostalgia to see Riley, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear in another stage of the protagonist’s life with new emotions. However, We are sure that no one would have imagined what a huge success this film would be in Mexico.

To give you a more or less idea of ​​how things stand up to the time of writing this note, The Pixar film has grossed no less than 81.8 million dollars in our country (which would be equivalent to about 1.5 billion pesos). This is a real milestone, because This sequel became the second most profitable film of all time in our country.only behind the film of Super Mario Bros. (which grossed $85.3 million at the Mexican box office).

Official image of ‘Inside Out 2’/Photo: Disney

As if this were not enough, the box office of Intensely 2 In Mexico it represents 8% of the film’s total earnings so far, making Mexico the most lucrative international market for Pixar’s sequel.Perhaps this should not surprise us, since our country is the second largest in Latin America and is also the most populous Spanish-speaking nation in the world.

This means that Most Spanish-speaking media consumers live in Aztec land (which as a curious fact, Mexico also led the international box office for Inside Out in 2015, with approximately $31 million.). But why was the second part of Pixar’s story a success? Well, believe it or not, there are several reasons.

Official image of ‘Inside Out 2’/Photo: Disney

In accordance with IndieWirewho coldly analyzed the case of Intensely 2 in Mexico, There are several factors why the film was a huge success on this side of the world. One of those reasons was, in part, the dubbing.because they consider that Mexican audiences flock to theaters to watch animated films –specifically from the United States– Because the dubbing of this project and many others that come to Latin America, is done in our country.,

It’s known that Mexican dubbing has a great reputation in the film industry, even in this era when many production companies prefer to hire local stars or social media personalities to do this work. However, there are those who continue to bet on real voice actors, because The Mexican public is delighted because they can hear the characters speaking with our accent and the story has the humor that characterizes us, which connects with the entire region.

Riley memes and new emotions were also important for the success of the film in our country

Another of the points that IndieWire considers important for the success of Intensely 2 In Mexico, it was the memes. And we are sure that since the premiere of the film, you have seen at least one or two memes that refer to it. The first train was Riley’s supposed new emotions.where users replaced the image of Anxiety with other kinds of “feelings.”

The second memiza (at least in our country) continued with the trend of “No Riley”where the creators of the posts, taking a part of the film where the protagonist suffers from an anxiety attack, warn her that that is only the tip of the iceberg, since there are more difficulties in everyday life as an adult and “worse things” than what she experienced (here we explain that matter better).

This is one of the examples of the memes that have come out after the premiere of ‘Inside Out 2’/Photo: Screenshot

To close at least with the memes that the Pixar movie has given us, We have another trend, that of “if they did Intensely in my head”which features a photo of a group of well-known characters that is intended to represent the personality of the author of the publication. According to IndieWire, All these reactions on social media demonstrate the undeniable cultural presence of the film in Mexico.

Are popcorn and commemorative cups part of the success of ‘Inside Out 2’ in Mexico?

Last but not least, the last reason that IndieWire mentions as a factor why Intensely 2 triumphed in Mexico are… the popcorn houses and the collectible glasses…as you read it, it is not a joke nor are we making it up. According to this media, Mexican cinema chains put more thought into creating these products to promote films than in the United States.because on this side they know that there is a market of collectors and resellers who fight for these items.

That’s why the two largest exhibitors in our country (you know who we’re talking about) got their act together to launch different collectible popcorn boxes for the same film. For example, One of these chains threw a container in the shape of Sadness, while the other took out a bucket (which by the way, also works as a piggy bank and the characters light up) which looks like the jar where Anxiety contains the core emotions.

The new emotions inside Riley’s mind are the stars of ‘Inside Out 2’/Photo: Disney

As if this were not enough and as they usually do with the most important releases of the year, Both chains also sold exclusive cups with the theme of Intensely 2 (Needless to say, they sold like hotcakes.) And you’re probably wondering what these products have to do with the film being such a hit in Mexico.

Well then IndieWire He stated that the market in our countrywhere prices for going to the cinema have risen in recent years and seeing a film on the big screen has gone from being a casual outing to a true luxury that only some families can afford once a month, It is a great example of how big releases can be a global sensation..

Joy and Anxiety in ‘Inside Out 2’/Photo: Disney

In particular, they made it clear that in Mexicobeyond screening the film and talking about it, We take the conversation to social networks with the humor that characterizes us and even that conversation reaches our homes, with exclusive products that They are only made on this side of the pond. Those were the reasons why Inside Out was a success in Mexican cinemas, but what do you think?

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