DC decides not to continue with the ‘The Batman’ spin-off series that looked the best

Even before that The Batman hit theaters and turned out to be really great, Warner I had a lot of faith in the vision of Matt Reeves. This explains why the studio’s television division has been developing series derived from this new version of the series for almost five years. Dark Knight (located in a continuity independent of the rest of DC), although for now this has only been realized in The Penguin. After debuting as the eponymous villain in The Batman, Colin Farrell He will have a series for himself that will be released in Max This September, while The Batman: Parte II is taking shape little by little.

After the success of the first film starring Robert PattinsonWarner and DC decided to give Reeves free rein to continue expanding this universe, so that The Batman: Parte II is scheduled to premiere in October 2026. Meanwhile, there has been a project that began to be talked about in 2020, and whose fate has already been decided according to Variety. We refer to a second series derived from The Batman with the provisional title of Arkham Asylum: that is, a spin-off which would delve into the famous asylum where the villains that Batman has defeated usually end up.

Arkham Asylum has been finally discarded by Warner Bros. Discoveryafter four years where the project has not stopped undergoing changes of direction. It all started when, while The Batman was still in pre-production, Terence Winter was hired to develop a series titled Gotham City P.D. It was indeed a story centered on the Gotham Police Department, which would expand the story that Reeves wanted to tell. Since 2020, Warner has gone through numerous changes: the pandemic marked the early days of HBO Maxso that the studio later merged with Discovery and its platform streaming was renamed as Max.

Besides, in all this time DC Studios has fallen into the hands of James Gunn y Peter Safranwho decided to reboot the continuity of the cinematic universe. This meant continuing to give Reeves freedom (working, after all, on a saga outside the main one), and also prudently supporting whatever it was becoming. Gotham City P.D. At the last minute Reeves decided it would be a good idea to focus on the criminals rather than the police, so the series became Arkham Asylum losing Winter and also the one who was immediately signed as a successor, Joe Barton.

In the last times Arkham Asylum (conceived as the story of a “haunted House”) had fallen into the hands of Antonio Campos, responsible for a film as reivindicable as The devil at all hours and from the series The Staircase. It has been, however, his departure from Arkham Asylum due to creative differences, Warner has finally decided to throw in the towel with the series. It is not unreasonable that at some point it will take up the idea again, but the studio wants to focus for now on The Penguin and in the next one The Batman: Parte II regardless of what Gunn and Safran want to do with the main continuity.

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