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Sunday, June 7, 2024

The romantic comedy is back. 2024 is showing a surprising commitment, at least, to resurrect it, and for now the public has endorsed the effort by going to see it in droves. Anyone but you. Critics have not treated later proposals too badly either, such as The specialist, The idea of ​​having you o Hit Manbut while it arrives Fly me to the moon Yes, he has let off some steam with A family affair. A romantic comedy of Netflix as battered as it is successful.

A Family Affair (Netflix)

And it is fair A family affair The first recommendation on our menu. After all, romantic comedy is not a genre characterized by good reviews, but by its ability to excite the public. That is exactly what they have done. Zac Efron y Nicole Kidman after having coincided in the equally torrid The newspaper boy, counting on this occasion with Joey King as a third party.

ISEKAI Suicide Squad (Max)

Changing the subject radically, we come across a genre that today seems to be facing decline after years of splendor (unlike the romantic comedy). We are referring to superheroes, who, as they assume that they will soon stop ruling Hollywood, are making increasingly strange and free moves. Here, for example, we find a Suicide Squad in version anime. Why not.

I’m Going to Have a Good Time (Amazon Prime Video)

Those who are already totally out of fashion are the Men G. And that is exactly what drives the nostalgia of the aforementioned Hombres G, capable of generating a proposal as pleasant as this one. I’m going to have a good time. Dani Rovirawhich has just been released The bus of lifeis one of the protagonists of this musical comedy.

Super Detective and Hollywood: Axel F (Netflix)

And we continue with moth-eaten brands, because lo and behold, the new installment of a franchise that has its roots in the 80s has just arrived on Netflix: Super Detective and Hollywood. Eddie Murphy has recovered one of its most famous characters in a new installment that also bears its name, Super Detective and Hollywood: Axel FThere’s nothing better to spend a Sunday than being aware of your own mortality while watching the industry try to resurrect a title stuck in the 80s.

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