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Marvel benches Quicksilver for these two speedsters

Terrax and Silver Surfer, wielders of the Power Cosmic, surpass the known limits of speed leaving Quicksilver in the dust

In a revelation that shakes the Marvel universe, a speed challenge has left Quicksilver, known for being one of the fastest, behind. But who could have beaten him? The answer comes in the long-awaited comic Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1where Terrax the Tamer emerges not just as a rival, but as a true cosmic phenomenon.

Cosmic competition accelerates

While Quicksilver has long been Marvel’s poster boy for speed, facing comparisons to DC’s Flash, Marvel’s latest issue offers him a stunning twist. The comic opens with a bold claim of speed beyond the speed of light, which readers attribute to the Surfer, but surprisingly, it’s Terrax who does the talking. This twist not only redefines the perception of Terrax but also raises the bar for what it means to be fast.

Terrax and Silver Surfer aren’t alone in this lightning-fast category. Figures like Captain Marvel and the Sentry have also demonstrated abilities that defy the laws of physics, albeit for brief moments. However, these characters’ speeds still don’t compare to that of DC’s Flash, who, thanks to the Speed ​​Force, reaches unimaginable levels of speed.

Marvel and its speed limits

The Power Cosmic, a gift from Galactus to his heralds, allows characters like Terrax and the Surfer to operate at levels that make the speed of light seem slow. This power not only allows them to travel across vast cosmic distances in an instant, but also to alter reality around them.

While Marvel has heroes capable of astonishing speeds, they lack one crucial component that DC exploits: the Speed ​​Force. This puts a natural ceiling on how fast its characters can go, leaving Flash in a realm of his own, able to move between atoms and travel through time.

The evolution of Cosmic Power

Over the years, Marvel has explored deeply the capabilities and limits of Cosmic Powergranted by Galactus to his heralds. This power not only grants them the ability to travel faster than lightbut also grants them the ability to manipulate matter and energy on a cosmic scale. This new chapter in the saga of Terrax and the Silver Surfer highlights not only their superhuman abilities, but also the ever-changing and expanding Marvel Universe. Once mere servants of Galactus, these characters are now central figures in battles that define the fate of entire planets.

The revelation in Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1 suggests that even established characters can surprise us with new facets of their powersWith each comic, Marvel not only entertains its fans, but also expands its narrative universe, offering new layers of complexity and reinventing its characters to keep its readers engaged. This constant innovation ensures that the Marvel Universe remains vibrant and relevant, even as it explores the boundaries of what its heroes can achieve.

A future marked by speed and fury

Despite being outclassed, Quicksilver has not lost its relevance. Quicksilver: No Surrender proves that his understanding and reaction to speed are unmatched in the Marvel universe. If he were one day blessed with the Power Cosmic, his abilities could catapult him beyond the stars, perhaps bringing him close to the levels of Terrax and the Surfer.

Meanwhile, fans’ eyes are turning to emerging characters like Solarus, who inherits powers from the late Sentry. While he hasn’t yet been shown to reach superlight speeds, the potential is there, possibly further redefining the boundaries of what’s possible at Marvel.

Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1 promises to be not only a battle of titans between Terrax and Silver Surfer, but also an event that redefines what it means to be the fastest. While Quicksilver may have taken a backseat, his legacy as Marvel’s iconic speedster remains intact, maintaining his special place in fans’ hearts.

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