Marvel could finally separate Hulk and Bruce Banner forever

Hulk and Bruce Banner may part ways for good in the Marvel Universe

Marvel seems to be planning to separate Bruce Banner and Hulk once and for all

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One of the most iconic rivalries that has existed in the Marvel Universe for many years is nothing more and nothing less than the one they have Hulk y su alter ego Bruce Bannerwhich has persisted throughout their stories and participation in the franchise since they were first introduced.

Although they have had a friendship-enmity relationship for many years, in this recent comic, everything seems to indicate that Both characters are about to split up once and for all. in the history of the Marvel Universe. Below, we will tell you all the details about it, but you should know that this post Contains spoilers from volume #13 of the comic The Incredible Hulkby Marvel.

Hulk and Bruce Banner could be about to separate for good in the Marvel Universe

Everything seems to indicate that Bruce Banner and Hulk will separate definitively

The rivalry between Bruce Banner and Hulk is something that has stood out between both characters since their beginnings in the Marvel Universe, and although there have been times when have managed to make peace, the current Hulk comic series shows the opposite..

And in his most recent volume, we see how Banner, who in this dimension is a separate person from Hulk, complains to the Green Giant for not having fulfilled his task of protecting a girl named Charlie, who became his partner some time ago; while arguing with him, Bruce tells Hulk that he can kill him if he wants.but must first help him rescue Charlie.

By giving Hulk permission to kill him, Bruce is implying that, coming soon, in the Marvel Universe, it is likely that The conflict and rivalry between the two comes to an end once and for all.although not in the way that many expected.

While there is a chance this could happen, it is a bit of a shame that the solution to Hulk and Banner’s rivalry is so radical. We just have to wait for the story to move forward. find out if Hulk really has intentions to finish off Bruce Banner once and for all or not.

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