TVN’s Rostro returns to the radio and admits that it was “a mistake” to leave the media

Image: Reynaldo Coria

A Monday of new challenges will be for the journalist Marcelo Compariniwho after several months away from the radio will return to the microphones to lead a new project.

Is about Correspondentsa new program 13C Radius who will drive alongside the journalist Ignacio Franzani, which will begin this Monday at 6:00 p.m. and will be broadcast from Monday to Friday.

According to what was announced by the station owned by Channel 13, They explain that it will be a informative “but in good”highlighting the main events of the day with a different focus than conventional newscasts.

“In a short time, at six, I return to the radio (yes, it was a mistake to leave). I have been in radio for 35 years, sharing with enormous geniuses like Felipe Izquierdo and Marco Silva. Now I join Ignacio Franzani, with whom I hope to live many years of good times.”Comparini expressed through a publication made on X (formerly Twitter).

Meanwhile, Franzani stated that in this new debut in his career he feels that there is a lot “emotion” and “expectation.”

Why did Marcelo Comparini, face of TVN, leave the radio?

After the end in October 2022 of Radio Oasis -predecessor of 13C Radio- Marcelo Comparini decided to leave the industry to focus mainly on television, leading together Federico Sanchez the programs Atlas of Chile and World Atlas of National Television (TVN).

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