“The only radio we listen to in the countryside is Radio Nacional” – Radio Nacional


“The only radio we listen to in the countryside is Radio Nacional”

Marcelo Guagliardo, General secretary of ATEN (Association of Education Workers of Neuquén) expressed concern about the measures already advanced by the president-elect and believed that times of social conflict are coming. The union leader expressed his support for the public media and he was able to play the role of National Radio.



“Express our solidarity and company in defense of public media. The first news we have had about the president-elect is that he would privatize what are the State media and it seems to us that it is a crime and that obviously our solidarity with all the workers of those media outlets that are fundamental for any society and in particular what communication in Argentina means. Both National Radio and Public TV reach where the private ones do not reach, and I tell you as a rural teacher, the only radio that we listen to in the countryside and that continues to be listened to today is National Radio. he assured.

Guagliardo trusted in the role that the National Congress can play in resisting policies that could affect acquired rights but warned that the mobilization of organizations will also be important. “It will have a very important role in a Chamber of Deputies, it will be a scene of important dispute, each of the Government’s initiatives will have to be discussed. Now, we must also know that Macrismo went into debt of 50,000 million without issuing a single norm that has been sanctioned in Congress… The organization of the workers, the social organizations and the sectors that are affected, we are going to have the obligation to organize ourselves to go out and say that this is not the case, so a time of a lot of social conflict is coming, unfortunately.”

Finally, the teacher union leader asked to take the ratification of the conviction of the police for the murder of Carlos Fuentealba as a precedent that, even after many years pass, those who repress social protest must take responsibility for their consequences before the justice system.. “The ratification of the conviction of the police officers is also a precedent that should not be lost sight of, which must be taken into account by the political sectors and the police authorities themselves, who by accepting orders or following orders from political power, Even after many years pass, they will be persecuted by justice.” he concluded.

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