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U2 have released over 50 singles in their illustrious and successful career not to mention all the great tracks on their albums. Therefore, it is difficult to reduce to a final list of the band’s best songs. irish. Much more if we only stay with 10.

But the reason is one that justifies it. None other than the birthday of Paul Hewson, known throughout the world as Bono, U2 vocalist and a true pop culture personality.

Greeting Bono who turns 64 today, below on rock radio we leave you with the 10 best U2 songs.

Where The Streets Have No Name

In the “Classic Albums” documentary dedicated to “The Joshua Tree,” producer Brian Eno estimates that a good portion of the time spent recording the album was spent capturing a satisfying performance of the complex “Where The Streets have No Streets.” In fact, they fought to the point that Eno almost wiped the tape for them to start over. The Edge used the band’s fans as inspiration for the track’s melody, and sat in the seats at a U2 concert to imagine the type of song he would like to hear if he attended the show. Of course, Bono on the ledge giving it his all in the famous video.

Mysterious Ways

The hypnotically addictive way in which Bono weaves the lyrics of “Mysterious Ways,” like some kind of musical snake charmer, has contributed much to the enduring popularity of the second single from 1991’s “Achtung Baby.” of the reason why we celebrate the album almost 30 years later in fact. From the moment the song was released, it was clear that U2 had once again released a song that sounded like nothing else on the radio, and remains sonically current today.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Addressing the tragic “Bloody Sunday” incident, ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ was one of the first songs that showed that Bono and U2 were not afraid to use their lyrics to educate the audience on important topics. Asking “how long should we sing this song?” ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ pleads for an end to a senseless tragedy. Larry Mullen Jr. said in an interview “let’s stop shooting people and sit around the table and talk about it,” but it was the famous militaristic hook from his ‘Sunday’ percussion, recorded on a ladder, that has led to the message to millions of people over the years.

With Or Without You

Clearly, commercially and we would say, artistically, one of U2’s top 10 songs, the fiery “With Or Without You” finally brought the band their first US number one hit. The fact that it lyrically dealt with the longing and struggles that exist within so many relationships once again showed U2’s continued ability to connect powerfully with the daily reality of their fans.


“One” came during a difficult creative period for U2, as they were in the middle of the “Achtung Baby” sessions, and supposedly emerged from The Edge’s moments of improvisation while working on other songs for the album. Bono has said that when they finally realized they had something special within the song’s experimental riff, the main melody and lyrics came quickly, something he called a “gift.” The song remains one of the band’s most popular and moving compositions.


The Edge’s jangly guitar hangs on the edge of one of the most famous and identifiable U2 song intros ever, punctuated by Bono’s singular “yeah” before being taken over by Larry Mullen Jr., who officially plays the song. in full motion. Mixed with a Bo Diddley-style beat, also previously borrowed by the Rolling Stones for ‘Not Fade Away’, early live performances of “Desire” often segued into a cover of Bob’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’. Dylan.

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

The lead single from 1984’s “The Unforgettable Fire,” which opened new doors for U2 commercially and creatively, was inspired by leaders who have sacrificed their lives fighting for their beliefs, most notably Martin Luther King, Jr. Chrissie Hynde of Pretenders sings additional backgrounds on the song, which has become an anthem of hope in the years since its release. Socially conscious as a group since their inception, this is arguably one of U2’s most important songs.

New Year’s Day

Even with The Edge doing double duty on piano and guitar for this U2 classic, “New Year’s Day” supposedly almost didn’t make the final cut of 1983’s “War” album because Bono was having trouble finishing the lyrics. Fortunately, he found a way to complete the song, and the result was one of the first U2 songs to receive major airplay on MTV. The band rides horses in the video, although The Edge himself opted to use a stunt double.


The deliberately sober and tender guitar that paints the opening strokes of “Bad” is The Edge’s signature. Its instrumentation continues to develop throughout the song’s progression, so that when Bono sings “I’m not sleeping,” we are all collectively emotionally drained by the song’s journey. “Bad” stands as one of the fan favorites of all time and there is no debate as to why it is one of the top 10 U2 songs of all time.

Beautiful Day

Two decades ago, rumors that the members of U2 were planning a return to the classic sound of the band’s best songs came true with the release of “Beautiful Day,” the first single from their 2000 release “All That.” “You Can’t Leave Behind.” Hearing the message within the words of “Beautiful Day,” about learning to appreciate what you still have when everything else has been lost, it wasn’t hard to feel grateful for U2’s renewal as a band.

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