“El Indio” Solari made strong criticisms against Javier Milei

“El Indio” Solari made strong criticisms against Javier Milei
“El Indio” Solari made strong criticisms against Javier Milei

: “There is a crazy president,” said the singer.

Carlos “the Indian” Solari He had harsh words against the president Javier Milei. “There is a crazy president,” emphasized the former leader of Los Redonditos de Ricota during an extensive radio interview broadcast this Sunday morning. “I don’t know if it’s a crazy madman or a madman who is a figurehead of some interests,” the artist continued. He added that he never thought that “a guy with a chainsaw would reach” the national Executive.

“These people fulfill a role until they hang them upside down in a plaza, which I don’t know if our people have already done and it didn’t go well for us. It is difficult to take power from the powerful,” the singer continued in dialogue with AM 530, in a conversation recorded on May 8.

Solari questioned: “It surprises me that people who went to high school just believe that we should give this guy more time. When they see him speak and the things he says… ”. During his harsh criticism there was time to also attack the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, especially for his daily press conferences. “The things he says! They are crazy! “He pointed out.

“And here we are. They’re hitting us all below the waterline. Much lower than what there is as industrialists,” she added. In his opinion, the most humble class “has been screwed up all their lives,” but he was surprised to see that the middle class “is so passive and suddenly says ‘let’s give it a little more time’ while he is closing his business.” boutique.”

However, he questioned the level of support that Milei will have in society: “We are in a cloud. We don’t know what the true percentage is because the people who are already starving and who voted for him, what do I know? “It scares me because we said he wasn’t going to make it, that he was going to fall, but nothing like that happened,” she added, and closed with the concept: “He’s still there flirting.”

El Indio hinted that “he doesn’t know what will happen to culture,” in reference to the various cutback measures taken by the Government. The singer said that “these people come for more, which is not just for economic reasons.” For Solari, these people do not believe “that they are capable of maintaining themselves because they explode.” “They go to a report, they get angry and hit the table,” he said, and noted: “They need a theatricalization of life that draws the attention of young people.”

Later in the interview, and when Solari spoke of his love for his dogs and the “flannel” relationship he has with them – in reality, he only had one alive today – the artist made reference to Milei’s cloned dogs. “I don’t know this sick person, is what they say true? Because until now I saw the baton and some photos, but I never saw the real dogs,” he said, ironically.

“The type [por Milei] It has some preparation for the economy, but it is not an economic bocho either. He says stupid things. But he has enough intelligence to realize that he is acting for a reason, for the greater good, which is not to defend the national industry. “He agreed on something somewhere,” she noted.

“Everything ends up being so cartoonish that it’s hard for you to believe that the guy has a degree of consciousness…”, the Indian continued. “I can’t find what your business is. We have [el expresidente, Macri] Mauricio who ended up living in Paris and is taking [champagne] Dom Perignon,” he continued in his review. In his opinion, and from those who interviewed him, both Milei and Macri have a profile similar to leaders from other countries, such as Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil, or Donald Trump, in the United States, he exemplified from his house in Castelar.

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