There is a crazy president

There is a crazy president
There is a crazy president

“Regardless of whether Milei is doing well, There is a crazy President (…). “I never thought that a guy with a chainsaw would be the one who would win,” said the musician, former leader of Patricio Rey y los Redonditos de Ricota and Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Aconditiono, in an interview moderated by the journalist Marcelo Figueras and published in El Cohete a la Luna.

In another passage of the note, Solari noted: ““It surprises me that there are people who believe that this guy should be given more time.” And he even questioned the legitimacy of the polls that give the President a high social consensus: “We don’t know what the true percentage is. There are people who are getting… hungry”.

The artist said that Milei “says stupid things”but that “he has enough intelligence to realize that he is working on something greater than defending the national industry.” “Everything ends up being so cartoonish that it’s hard for you to believe that the guy has a degree of consciousness.”he finished.


Solari questioned president Javier Milei.

Regarding the attitude “of the people” towards the economic crisis, he shot: “What surprises me is that people who have completed secondary school believe that we should give this guy more time. You don’t need to be a fool, just a guy who studied high school can figure it out when he sees you talk., the things the spokesperson says. The noteros are going to listen to a guy who says crazy things. He is the spokesperson for the President,” he said in reference to Manuel Adorni.

In addition, he assured that the most humble class “is the one they come to all their lives,” but that the middle class is the “class of changes.” “That she is so passive and suddenly we say ‘let’s give it a little more time’ while she is closing her boutique”he commented.

On the other hand, the singer recalled that the adjustment that Millei made to balance the economy not only impacted culture, but also science: “To think that the guy paid US$50,000 to clone the dogs, but it defunds scientists to do that here. Everything ends up being so cartoonish…”

For the ‘Indian’, the President “shows a state of borderline exaltation” in all the public presentations he makes and the things he says. “Milei gives him the histrionics that no one gives him,” he criticized when referring to her visit to Israel. “She went to the wailing wall and overacted,” he exemplified.

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