Jon Bon Jovi reveals that “Livin’ on a Prayer” originally sounded similar to this Clash classic

May 14, 2024 4:22 pm Posted by Editorial –

Two bands as different as Bon Jovi and The Clash come together thanks to the magic of rock through two of the greatest classics from both New Jersey and London, with Jon Bon Jovi revealing that his anthem “Livin’ on a Prayer” originally sounded similar to the band Joe Strummer and his immortal “London Calling”.

This surprising statement came during a recent interview by the Bon Jovi leader with UCRin which the vocalist takes us to remember the birth of his great hit album ‘Slippery When Wet’ (1986), to which he assures that he did not give much importance at the beginning: “When we were writing it, we didn’t have the baseline. We were playing a single note on the guitar, so it almost sounded like ‘London Calling’. It was a single note.”

In this case it would be the bass and the unique line that was created for this song that saved what was destined to become one of the greatest hits in rock history: “You see, that bass line didn’t develop until we got together and started saying, ‘We need some kind of bopping bass line.’ Think Motown. This is what we have to do in pre-production.” “. So we had all the lyrics, all the chord structure, everything about the melody, but we didn’t have that baseline until we got into the studio. “Well, to rehearsal.”

“I love being the guy who made a mistake,” Jon ends up confessing about this topic that he didn’t give much importance to and that would end up becoming one of his most successful singles since its release as the second title track on Bon Jovi’s acclaimed third album.

The characteristic style that Bon Jovi has been developing has been reflected again in “Legendary”the first preview of his new album, which will be titled ‘Forever’ and will see the light next June 7th.



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