The song with which Gustavo Cerati said goodbye

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On May 15, 2010, Gustavo Cerati gave his last concert before the stroke that would leave him in a coma. Here, we remember the last song he played.

There are moments in life that become goodbyes, even without us thinking about it as such. And many of those moments, in turn, seem to be designed by destiny so that the last goodbye is indelible. Maybe something like that happened with Gustavo Cerati when in 2010 he gave his last concert, the one that saw him close the set in Venezuela in a masterful way with “Lake in the sky”.

This song, loaded on its own with a trail of unmatched magicis remembered for being the last one that the Argentine idol played live before the fateful stroke that would leave him in a coma for four years.

Illustrative image. Photo: via Facebook.

In every sense, it was the theme with which the mythical electric angel of Buenos Aires said goodbye and one that, without a doubt, continues to take us to a better place through its melodies.

Gustavo Cerati’s hard road towards a new album

To better understand “Lago en el cielo” and all the mystique that it entails, it is fair to talk a little about the album on which it is found: the acclaimed Here we go 2006. Because it is no coincidence that one of the most remembered songs from his solo stage is found on one of the most remembered albums by the Argentine music star.

Gustavo Cerati He released this material after four years of absence from his own personal project. After Yellow love, Puff and Always is today Inspired by the most innovative electronic productions of the time, the Buenos Aires musician prepared to return to his rock roots; the one he once experienced with Soda Stereo and the frantic Animal Song.

Ode to a great one! There will be an album and documentary by Gustavo Cerati!
Illustrative image. Photo: via Facebook.

But in the midst of the hustle and bustle of 2002 to 2006, Everything happened to Cerati. It went from top to bottom and vice versa. From experiencing success with his first solo works, to suffering some criticism from those closest to Soda who did not forgive him for the change of scenery.

He went from a divorce with Cecilia Amenábar to finding love again in Deborah Del Corral, who for many – even Gustavo’s own mother – was the great love of the former Soda Stereo. And it was the latter who, in fact, put an end to the relationship with the composer.

let's remember
Gustavo Cerati. Photo: Special.

Not even in the moments before the launch of Here we go, Gustavo Cerati had some calm. The singer even had to momentarily pause the presentation of the album due to thrombophlebitis caused by a clotwhich forced him to stop smoking cigarettes for a long period of time, of which he was a regular consumer.

The blows of life were allowed to come and the warnings of deteriorated health due to years of excesses were beginning to be evident. But the music should not stop playing. And then…

“Lake in the sky” and its place in ‘There we go’

Here we go It meant a total musical revolution for Gustavo Cerati’s career in many ways and there are many details that make this a unique album. It is a material in which the Argentine took up the rock texture as the central point, with guitars full of distortion. The cover, with Cerati lifting a guitar, is the essence of musical work made into an image.

Many old acquaintances also collaborate on the album, such as Tweety Gonzáles and even Benito, Gustavo’s son, who has credits as a composer on the iconic “Bye bye”.

And if we go to the awards, Gus swept several Latin Grammys, also the MTV Awards (when these were worth some recognition) and the Gardel Awards in Argentina. No album, not even by Soda, had earned so many awards for the now legendary Buenos Aires star.

lake in the sky gustavo cerati
Gustavo Cerati received various recognitions for the album ‘There we go’. Photo: Getty.

“Without any preconception, I naturally eliminated all those strange or ambient places that I had used in previous albums; simply because the songs didn’t need it.”said Gustavo Cerati about Here we go in statements collected from El Clarín.

The difference I see is that This album is more rock, more guitar and possibly less dissipated in terms of the slopes; It goes more to the point, it has like a vector sound that comes from the guitar side. And I see the title as a harangue, as a battle cryhe added.

But within the album and those guitars full of distortion, there was a song that was softer and more hypnotic than the other 12 tracks that accompanied it. “Lake in the sky” It was the emotional ballad of the album, the one that made your skin crawl.

lake in the sky gustavo cerati
Image from the official video of “Lago en el cielo”. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

The one who would actually set the tone and become, along with “Crimen” and the aforementioned “Adiós” in the most memorable singles on the compilation; a classic song that Gustavo himself spoke of with special affection.

The song, as ambiguous as the lyrics may seem, has a specific message: it is the idea of ​​reconnecting with love, of meeting someone and connect without fear, but with patience. It is the invitation to leave the past and venture into “feel something you never felt”.

lake in the sky by gustavo cerati
Gustavo Cerati on the set of the “Adiós” video. Photo: via Facebook/Germán Saez.

The music video for “Lake in the Sky”

The music video – curious fact – was made with several clips sent by fans through a contest that Gustavo and his team launched. More than 400 followers competed and only 34 were fortunate enough to see their images on screen. And why was this song so special for Cerati? Well, he says it himself in the fragment of an interview that is floating around the internet:

‘Lake in the sky’ For me it is the pearl of the album. Unfortunately I take sides on that issue… that is a song that came out like that, from one. It is the love song of the album although it has something very powerful sonically.

“And it is something that sometimes you feel that in a relationship, you put a lot of effort into it, you push it a lot, you want the way to be determined and the song helped me a little to reinforce some ideas of saying: ‘Well, let’s go slowly. I know that all this is incredibly good, that we are going to the same imaginary, that we are going to the same place. But we are going slowly.’”

The last song that Gustavo Cerati played

During the tour of Natural force, Gustavo Cerati He gave his last concert on May 15, 2010 at the Simon Bolívar Stadium in Caracas, Venezuela. It was the closing of an exhausting but successful tour and the turning of the page for Cerati and his team. But as we said, at the beginning of this note, goodbyes sometimes come without us wanting them to.

In that show, “Lake in the sky” was the song that closed the set and when everyone was in the dressing room, Gustavo had a decompensation from which it was initially reported that he was recovering favorably.

The situation did not evolve like that and after being transferred to Argentina, what we all know happened: a stroke that eventually led him to be sick for like four years, until his death on September 4, 2014.

“The universe is arranged in a certain way. If you don’t oppose it, you don’t force things too much, it’s a matter of keeping your eyes open. Things happen for a reason. I say this beyond a mystical sense; it is real. I really feel like the cosmos is conspiring…. If you don’t stand against that, things will take you away…”Cerati said in the documentary Here we go.

Perhaps now more than ever, that statement makes sense about a farewell that we did not expect and that has “Lago en el cielo” as the last sound jewel that the Argentine musical legend left on stage.

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