Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) regrets calling the fan who lit a flare during the concert a “Greek bastard”

May 16, 2024 12:50 pm Posted by Editorial –

Photo: Danny Serrano

The incident involving Bruce Dickinson at the concert of Iron Maiden in which He lost his temper when an assistant lit a flare just as the band played the first notes of “The Number of the Beast” The vocalist has not been forgotten, who appears to regret having called that fan “Greek bastard.”

But Dickinson’s regret is not in pointing out the fan who lit the flare and calling him “bastard”, but, adding a few drops of his particular sense of humor, he regrets having called him “Greek bastard”, since I did not know if this was a Greek citizen. During a recent interview with the British Kerrang!Dickinson, whom we will soon have in our country presenting in Resurrection Fest your album ‘The Mandrake Project’, He remembered that moment when he was asked about the stupidest thing he had said on stage.

Bruce is clear about the stupidest thing he has ever said: “”Who is that Greek bastard waving a flare?” In Greece. There was a little bit of understanding from people in Greece, who said, “I shouldn’t have said Greek bastard,” and yeah, maybe not, but probably “He was Greek. And he was probably a bastard.”

The vocalist admits that he lost his temper: “But it really pissed me off. There I was, trying to sing, and these people waving those phosphorus naval flares, and no one in the whole place could breathe. It seems very, very inconsiderate to me. But I shouldn’t have called him ‘Greek bastard,’ because “I wasn’t sure of his nationality. I lost my temper and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Specifically, what happened on July 16, 2022 during the Iron Maiden concert at the Athens Olympic Stadium led Bruce Dickinson to address the public like this: “The cunt with the sparkler. I have to sing here. Damn son of a bitch (from “cocksucker”, which would literally be “cocksucker”). Greek bastard. Very good. I have to sing. Very good. Screw you.

It must be remembered that on the current tour of his solo project Bruce experienced a similar incident that led him to point out what at first seemed to be some fans who were smoking during his concert and ended up pointing to the supposed use of a pepper spray.

Bruce Dickinson This year 2024 will be one of the protagonists of the festival season with its participation in Resurrection Festthe great Viveiro festival, in which he will share the bill with Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Alice Cooper and The Offspringwhich will be held from June 26 to 29. Tickets are on sale at official Web.



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