Who are I-Stars? The girls from the region who rock it

In the continuity of his captivating story, which he sent us in his own handwriting, he confessed that there were difficult times and the group harmony was broken a little. “Unfortunately, all the stress began to wear down our friendship. Seeing all the fights that were breaking out made me very sad; so much so that I made the decision to pause the group’s activities indefinitely. Obviously we separated, but it was for the best. Thanks to that decision we managed to stay united and not lose our friendship,” he reflected maturely despite his young age.

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The girls of I Stars dream big and they have reasons.

They tried to start over, with other names but nothing was easy. “In October, after the departure of Hari, Uma and Kia, Meli and I decided to regroup the group with new members. There appeared Nuni, Agos, and another former member whose name I will not mention to protect her privacy. With this new lineup we lasted very few months since our schedules did not coincide and we could not rehearse; In part, that made the group not work and we couldn’t perform,” the little star said honestly.

Everything was falling into place

“After that long inactivity, on March 4 of this year Kia and Hari decided to return to the group, we considered there being seven until Agos and the other member decided to leave the group. Almost immediately we decided to start practicing, the chosen choreography was “Lalalala” by Stray Kids. Meli asked for a few days to be able to adapt the places and after a week we were resuming our activity,” Azumi highlighted.

The planets began to align and everything returned to normal, as at the beginning: “I honestly missed getting to the square and practicing, it felt fresh. I remember that I began to count the days and hours, I felt the excitement and nerves running through my body; Sometimes I would like to know what the people of Cinco Saltos thought when they saw that the same group was in the same place every day, at the same time, doing the same thing.”


“In one of those talks we had during breaks, the idea of ​​learning to sing arose; and although at first it started as a joke, the seven of us signed up to sing. Despite having been practicing all Easter from 9 in the morning until 8 at night, I will never regret all the effort we made. After having created the logo, which by the way was one of the most important achievements of my life… I looked at the counter and suddenly there was only one week left before we would show up outside Cinco Saltos, together, for the first time,” he recalled with emotion. .

Indescribable emotion

“That Monday, Jorge López, the person in charge of the experimental club room, told us that we could rehearse there. Seeing ourselves for the first time in a mirror was something so exciting… That same day we recorded the choreography. To be honest, I have no words to describe the emotion I felt seeing us together, after all the effort, after all the hours… That night I cried with emotion like I had never done before.. On Friday my mom told me that she had made a flag with the group’s logo to take to the competition, as soon as I had it in my hands I wrapped myself in it. Hours later, after rehearsing in front of the mirror for the last time, I told the girls that it didn’t matter if it didn’t turn out perfect, that all the effort they made to get here had been worth it,” she said with pride in full bloom. fur.

“Saturday finally arrived, my nerves invaded me, it was difficult for me to stay calm, but I knew I had to be calm so as not to upset the girls. After getting ready I went to look for Nuni at her house, she was just as nervous as me. Upon arriving, I immediately looked for the girls, helped them finish getting ready and we sat down to wait,” she said about a sublime moment.

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“The feeling of stepping on stage again cannot be compared to absolutely anything; the excitement, the fear, the adrenaline… Although the choreography didn’t turn out perfect, I can safely say that we left it all. I don’t remember much of my thoughts while I was dancing, but I remember the excitement of the audience, their screams, their applause and above all, the pride I felt that day. I really don’t care if we don’t win, nothing can recreate that feeling of pride that I felt when raising the group’s logo, which is more than a dance cover group, it is a group of friends, it is a group of dreams. That is why I decided to include each person’s feelings towards the group, because it is not just me, the group is all of us, those who are here and those who are no longer, and all those who decided to believe in us,” Azumi concluded in the brilliant exhibition of it. She breaks it with dancing and also in communication…

Meli says:

Regarding the group, it makes me feel good that we are able to resolve our differences when they arise. I feel comfortable and happy with my colleagues because, although we get anxious or nervous, we always find laughter and good times.

Before we danced on stage, I felt scared because, even though I already knew how we danced, I was afraid that something would happen. In general, I always like to see the groups in detail and then tell the girls where we could improve. I like that people enjoy what we do and support us, when the song started playing I was excited to listen to the audience, so much so that after dancing I felt the adrenaline of everything going as we rehearsed. To be honest, I am not discouraged by not having won since I know that we improved in many things.

Kia’s words:

I am very happy to have agreed to join the group. Spending time with the girls practicing and laughing brightens my days. Sometimes rehearsals are tiring, but the effort is totally worth it.

“In the last competition I felt very nervous but the girls gave me a lot of support and I was able to calm down. Watching the videos I noticed that the choreography came out much better than we expected… Going on stage with the girls was very nice, I love having them as a group; They all always give their best, I admire them a lot. Every thing they do for me is incredible, they are incredible as are our friends and family who always support us in what we do. The other members and I are very grateful for all the support we are receiving, we are working very hard to achieve more things in the future.”

Hari says:

“Joining the group was the best decision I could make in my life. Spending time with girls makes me feel like I’m in a safe place. I am very happy to have such beautiful little people like them around me, grateful for everything they do and proud of everything we achieved.

The day of our first competition I felt very nervous, but also happy to have their company, the truth is, although we didn’t win I enjoyed that day a lot. Being all together, dancing, singing, putting on makeup and talking to each other makes me feel unmatched joy.”

Nuni says:

“I feel very happy, I am proud of everything we achieved. The group is where I can be happy, where I do what I like and that makes me feel complete. Thanks to my leader I was able to follow my dream, that is what I always wanted; I love this group and I always will, I love the girls very much, I feel safe with them.

About Saturday? Well, I felt a lot of emotions together, I wondered how everything was going to turn out, I felt excited to go on stage and give my best. Although we didn’t win, I was very happy because I was able to dance with the other girls and in front of many people for the first time. “I’m just very proud and happy about everything.”

Lali – Azumi’s mother – says

“The girls make a great effort to organize themselves with school and rehearsals. They are united by a passion for dance and a beautiful friendship that was born when Azuú summoned them. Like a mother, I accompany every step they take. Perseverance and perseverance have opened the doors to new adventures with Kpop. There are many teenagers who dream of this moment. Although they did not win in their first competition, the second was the opportunity to try again. Winning first prize, for the first time in Nqn, was the most wonderful recognition they could have. Not only for the prize but for all the effort behind it. “It is wonderful to feel the happiness of a child when dreams come true.”


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