‘One Time’, Justin Bieber’s first single, turns 15: we review the biggest hits of his career | Music

‘One Time’, Justin Bieber’s first single, turns 15: we review the biggest hits of his career | Music
‘One Time’, Justin Bieber’s first single, turns 15: we review the biggest hits of his career | Music

Fifteen years ago, the world met Justin Biebera young Canadian of only 15 years old who, with his first single One Time, began a unique career that few have been able to experience such a huge fan phenomenon at such a young age. His success became international and he broke a multitude of records that had been established in the music industry with few songs on the market and at such a young age.

Justin Bieber was discovered through YouTube and has come a long way from his early days as a teenager who sat on the steps of his town’s theater with a guitar and a sweet voice to today, when he has accumulated dozens of hits, hundreds of records and millions of fans around the planet.

Thus, now that we celebrate the anniversary of their debut single, reviewing some of the greatest successes of his career, which has given us so much joy and on so many occasions has given rhythm to our daily lives.

The essentials in Justin Bieber’s discography

One Time (2009)

Bieber’s debut with One Time not only presented his undeniable talent to the world, but also marked the beginning of a global fever: the so-called ‘Bieber Fever’. The song, which talks about first love, quickly climbed the charts and was certified Platinum in several countries, when the young man was only 15 years old. The music video, featuring a jovial and charismatic Bieber, racked up millions of views and set the stage for his phenomenal success.

Baby (2010)

If there is one song that defined a generation of Beliebers, it is Baby. With the collaboration of Ludacris, this single became a cultural phenomenonly in music history. Despite the polarization of criticism, Baby It broke records on YouTube and became the most viewed video on the platform for a long time. The sticky line “Baby, baby, baby, oh!” It remains instantly recognizable and, we can affirm, is the anthem of a generation.

Mistletoe (2011)

Mistletoe is proof that Justin Bieber can conquer any genre, even Christmas music. This single, with a festive and romantic touch, has become a modern holiday classic because, Who says Christmas carols can’t become fashionable anymore? In fact, people close to him were opposed to the Canadian publishing an entire album of Christmas songs. Despite this, Justin did it, he made history again and even collaborated with big names like Mariah Carey or Boyz II Men.

Boyfriend (2012)

With boyfriend, Bieber showed a more mature and sophisticated side. The song, with its R&B and pop base, evidenced his artistic evolution and opened the doors of the era Believe, a true turning point in his artistic career. The video, where Bieber shows a more sensual image, was a resounding success and reinforced his ability to reinvent yourself and remain relevant in the music industry, making many people change the opinion they had about their music.

Beauty and a Beat (2012)

Next to Nicki MinajJustin Bieber released Beauty and a Beat, a song that combines electro-pop and dance. This success not only showed Bieber’s versatility, but also his ability to create irresistible party hits which, in fact, have become a trend again in the middle of 2024. The video, with a pool party concept and recorded in a “found footage” style, quickly went viral as it offered a fun perspective and that the skills Bieber’s artistic work is not limited to music, but also to film, since he directed and recorded it himself.

Confident (2013)

With the collaboration of the rapper Chance the Rapper, Confident It is another example of Justin Bieber’s ability to merge genres and styles. With a catchy beat and impeccable production, this song stands out for its bold mix of R&B and pop, once again showcasing Bieber’s continued evolution as an artist and, once again, another very big leap in terms of maturity from the Canadian, not only melodically and lyrically, but also personally. Like Beauty and a beatthis is another of the topics that have become a trend again this year thanks to platforms like TikTok.

Sorry (2015)

Part of the album Purposethe song Sorry It is one of Bieber’s biggest hits. With a dancehall production, very far from what the singer used to do, and a choreography that traveled to all corners of the worldthe song dominated the charts worldwide. Sorry Not only did it consolidate Bieber as a top-level pop artist, but it also earned him multiple awards and recognitions, in addition to this becoming the moment in which Justin began to be played on music radio in our country.

Love Yourself (2015)

Another gem from the album Purpose is Love Yourselfa ballad co-written with Ed Sheeran and whose rhythm gets into your head and it is impossible to get out of there. The song stands out for its minimalism and honest lyrics, becoming an anthem of self-respect for those who have recently left a relationship. It reached number one in numerous countries and was nominated for several awards, including the Grammyall this in an era in which Justin barely appears in the music videos of his songs.

Despacito Remix (2017)

In 2017, Justin Bieber joined forces with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee for the remix of Slowly, and the result was a global phenomenon. This collaboration not only took the original song to new heights, but also helped popularize reggaeton and music in Spanish Worldwide. An unprecedented success that opened the season for ‘Spanglish’ music.

I Don’t Care (2019)

In collaboration with Ed Sheeran and after a musical break from Bieber, I Don’t Care It quickly became a worldwide success for including two of the best-known artists of the moment. This song, with its message of carefreeness and enjoyment in the company of the person you love, as well as a very catchy rhythm, was, without a doubt, one of the most listened to songs that year. The video, full of humor and creative visual effectsadded an extra touch of carefree and charming to this catchy melody.

Yummy (2020)

With Yummy, Justin Bieber returned to the dance floor with a more modern style and a fresh sound. In this new era, the Canadian changes his appearance again, but also his gender. Although the song gave rise to mixed opinionsits commercial success was undeniable, and once again, Bieber demonstrated his ability to adapt to current music trends, which in this case were the more electronic variables of R&B.

Peaches (2021)

Collaborating with Daniel Caesar and Giveon, Peaches quickly became an international hit. The song, part of the album justice, is characterized by its relaxed rhythm and R&B style, highlighting Bieber’s versatility and his ability to show maturity in his recording works. This album, which is the artist’s last to date, stands out for being one in which Justin left his soul and sincerity by offering honest lyrics regarding his beautiful relationship with Hailey Bieber.

Stay (2021)

Next to the rapper The Kid LAROIJustin Bieber released stay, a song that quickly dominated the charts and has not yet left them, since, despite being only three years old, it is already one of the most listened to in the history of Spotify. with his fast pace, catchy and passionate lyrics, stay It has established itself as Bieber’s greatest recent success, since he is on a musical break.

Justin Bieber’s legacy

Since his debut with One TimeJustin Bieber has gone from being a teen idol to a global superstar who has left a indelible mark. He has sold millions of records, won numerous awards, and his influence on pop music is indisputable. With each new release, Bieber continues to surprise and delight his fans, proving that, despite the ups and downs, his talent and dedication keep him on top. Proof of this is that, according to Spotify, despite having not released a new album for more than three years, he positions himself as the eighth most listened to artist worldwide with 76 million listeners per month.

In these fifteen years, Justin Bieber has not only had a tremendous impact on music and different generations of artists, but he has also matured as a singer and person. His journey from young prodigy to pop music icon is an inspiration to many and a testament to his undeniable talent and resilience.

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