Marjorie Finley, Taylor Swift’s grandmother who was an opera singer and a star in Puerto Rico

Marjorie Finley, Taylor Swift’s grandmother who was an opera singer and a star in Puerto Rico
Marjorie Finley, Taylor Swift’s grandmother who was an opera singer and a star in Puerto Rico

That Taylor Swift is the artist of the moment is something undeniable, whether you like her music or not. The American singer is a global phenomenon, as The Beatles could have been in their day. Not only was she named Person of the Year by the magazine time last December, but she is the first woman to have four albums simultaneously in the top 10 of the top 200 chart. Billboard. Furthermore, it has the highest grossing concert tour of all time, estimated at $1.4 billion.

The success of the singer-songwriter, who has 108.2 million monthly listeners in Spotify (despite having removed his music from the platform for a season), crosses borders and seas. However, although many swifties already know, the musical talent of the vocalist of Shake it off yesand goes back several generationsa fact that she has mentioned in some song.

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In 2020, Swift released a ballad called Marjoriea tribute to her late maternal grandmother, included on her ninth studio album, Evermore. A heartbreaking tribute to the memories that the singer has by Marjorie Finlay. “I should have asked you questions; I should have asked you how to be; I should have asked you to write it to me; I should have saved all the supermarket receipts; Because every piece of you would be taken from me,” she laments in the lyrics. The publication of this melody made her fans wonder: “Who was Taylor Swift’s grandmother?”

Taylor Swift’s grandmother (Wikicommons)

Marjorie Finlay was born on October 5, 1928 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, and was a famous opera singer and a renowned American television personality who stood out for her talented and unmistakable voice. She earned her Bachelor of Music from Lindenwood College in 1949.

He performed in concerts, operas and in nightclubs. According to the magazine mdzAfter winning a talent contest in 1950, Finlay performed a Latin American tour and released an album in Mexico. For its part, the medium My younoted that Swift’s grandmother once had her own television program in Puerto Rico. She entered this world in 1960 when “an American girl who spoke broken Spanish was needed for a bilingual program.” The format in question was called The Pan-American Show.

Although Swift’s grandmother enjoyed some fame as an opera singer before she died in 2003 at age 74, she did not achieve the success that her granddaughter achieved several years later.

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In this tribute song we can even hear the voice of the opera star. As Taylor Swift explained at the time of the release of Marjorie, his mother found “a bunch of his old records singing opera” and decided to add a fragment to the ballad. “She says, ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was singing to me now,’ and then you hear her, you hear Marjorie really sing”explains the artist. According to her, she points out buzzfeedSwift burst into tears when she performed this tune during her concert in Arizona.

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