Gardel Awards 2024: live, all the winners of the great night of Argentine music

Gardel Awards 2024: live, all the winners of the great night of Argentine music
Gardel Awards 2024: live, all the winners of the great night of Argentine music

Miranda! dazzled on the red carpet awaiting the announcement of the album of the year (Luciano Gonzalez)

This Tuesday, the Gardel Awards They highlight the best of national music of the last year. The ceremony, which takes place from the Movistar Arena, highlights the work of musicians, producers, recording engineers and new talents in the local industry. Among the most nominated artists are: Milo J (fifteen), Emilia Mernes (12), Maria Becerra and Bizarre (10), Duki and Big One (8), Lali (7), Fito Paez and Luck Ra (4).

The 26th installment of the Argentine Chamber of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms (Capif) will feature live shows by Nicki Nicole, Luck Ra, Miranda!, Tiago PZK, Milo J, You Indicaemelo, Los Nocheros, Emanero, Ráfaga, Roze , MYA, Salastkbron, El Negro Tecla, Fer Vázquez and L-Gante. There will also be special presentations by Lali Espósito, Bandalos Chinos, Fabiana Cantilo, David Lebón, Indios, Rosario Ortega, Silvestre y La Naranja, La T y La M, Luz Gaggi and Lisandro Aristimuño forming an eclectic grid that will liven up the evening and the public, which will be made up of artists, award juries, specialized press but also fans of the different nominees who will add a special color to the award ceremony.

Nahuel Pennisi was present on the red carpet of the Gardel Awards (Luciano Gonzalez)

Jazz album: Escalandrum by Scaleelectric

In the Jazz category, the work carried out by the sextet led by Pipi Piazzolla stood out. The album represents his reinvention after a 25-year career.

Folklore Song: Mery Murúa for “Baile Eternal”

In 2023, the artist presented her first album with her own songs. With 30 years of experience as a folk and tango performer, the singer had the luxury of working with her son, who was co-producer of this work.

More with Flow was part of the red carpet at the Gardel Awards (Luciano Gonzalez)

Tango song: Quintet Negro la Boca for “Cicatrices”

For the second consecutive year, the group managed to stand out as the best tango song. The group, which challenges conventions, revitalizes the genre and opens new doors in the contemporary music scene, celebrated the award.

Chamamé album: Flor Bobadilla and Abel Tesoriere by Scents of time

The duo made up of Flor Bobadilla and Abel Tesoriere released Aromas del Tiempo, an album of 13 compositions that evokes those hits of coastal music from the 60s and 70s. With this work, which transports the public to the area of ​​the Paraná, Paraguay and Pilcomayo rivers, the artists celebrated the award .

The Gardel Awards take place at the Movistar Arena (RS Photos)

Cuarteto artist album: Eugenia Quevedo and La Banda de Carlitos by La Muela – LBC

In the Quartet category, Eugenia Quevedo and La Banda de Carlitos stood out for their work, La Muela – LBC.

Catalog collection: Ramón Ayala by The man who sings to the man

The work of Ramón Ayala, who died in 2023, won for The Man Who Sings to the Man in Catalog Collection

In the first hours of the ceremony, the work of Ramon Ayala for his album The man who sings to the man. The award highlighted the work of the leader of coastal music, who died in December of last year. His music and artistic career transcended the geographical borders of the Litoral, touring the entire country, Latin America, Europe and places in Africa and Asia.

Best Rock Album: He Killed a Motorized Police Officer SUPER HORROR

The band led by Santiago Motorizado received the award for their album released in June 2023. “Thank you for the recognition, and thank you for the response the songs had everywhere. Engrave SUPER HORROR In the middle of the 2022 tour, after two years of not playing due to the pandemic, it was a big challenge, but we really enjoyed every little season locked in the Texas desert. “Looking for the new and playing to invent the sound of the future,” said the artist upon obtaining the recognition.

Traditional Pop Artist Album: Dany Martin by A lifetime

The heartthrob of romantic music, Dany Martin, celebrated on stage after receiving recognition for his album Todo una vida. With 63 years of artistic career, the singer remembered his life partner with this album.

Children’s Album: Canticuénticos by To know that I love you

The group Canticuénticos, which started in 2007, burst with joy upon receiving recognition for their sixth album of original songs. The Santa Fe band is one of the artistic projects that currently accompanies the little ones.

Instrumental Album: Chango Spasiuk by Eike! (Enter the soul)

With more than three decades of experience, Chango Spasiuk celebrated the recognition. “Thank you!” Spasiuk wrote on his social media in a post that included a photo of the moment when he went up to receive the award from him.

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