The “biri-biri” of Llaryora and Pullaro – The fifth leg of the cat – Always Together

The “biri-biri” of Llaryora and Pullaro – The fifth leg of the cat – Always Together
The “biri-biri” of Llaryora and Pullaro – The fifth leg of the cat – Always Together

Yesterday the governors of Córdoba and Santa Fe, Martín Llaryora and Maximiliano Pullaro, met to coordinate security policies. There have never been so many double LLs together. The security thing is a formal excuse. They are two governors with open futures, who at some point are going to play the national card. No one wants to be on one side of the crack. Neither K nor anti K. Neither mileist nor antimileist. Like Massa at the time, it gives the impression that they want to travel the wide avenue in the middle. But it is not easy for them to find a more or less logical script. And for now they end up in a biri-biri, a list of good intentions that contradict each other.

For example, the two dressed as federalists to demand more funds from Milei, but at the same time they asked him to lower withholdings on exports. What do they agree with? By spending more or charging less taxes? Because both things cannot be done.

It is like when transport users from the two provinces demand a cheaper ticket from Pullaro and Llaryora and, at the same time, more frequencies. The two governors know that everything is not possible. They shouldn’t behave the same.

What’s more: the two governors could say more clever things. For example, ask that Milei lower bad taxes such as withholdings, that he comply with the items that he must send to the two provinces and that, in any case, he cut national expenses that are lavish and make no sense. But not only do they not dare to ask for it, but they also oppose doing this: for example, Llaryora pressured to remove Fadea, the aircraft factory that has not been in operation for more than 30 years, from the list of companies to be privatized. manufactures not even one plane.

What’s more: if to Llaryora and Pullaro the withholdings seem like a terrible tax that should be eliminated, they should do the same with Gross Income, which is equally perverse. But they don’t talk about that because they charge for it.

They ask for investments but they do not dare to ask out loud that the Senate vote once and for all on the promotion regime of the Bases law. They ask for money but they don’t want to order their senators to approve the return of the Income Tax.

In that ni fu ni fa, in the utopia of making decisions without getting your fingers dirty. For example, Pullaro said with a teaching tone: “We are not going to get ahead with adjustments nor are we only looking at the macroeconomy.” What does that mean? That while the national government is committed to curbing inflation by reducing public spending, should it at the same time increase public spending to continue financing “active policies”, “subsidies”, “encouraging demand”, in short the “plans?” “little silver” that brought us here? How do you do both things at the same time? It is impossible.

Llaryora and Pullaro need to make a decision or find a more refined script if they want to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, they can continue saying things like that, inconsistent, fulbito for the tribune.

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