These are the first winners from Cordoba and other categories

These are the first winners from Cordoba and other categories
These are the first winners from Cordoba and other categories

This Tuesday the Gardel 2024 Awards will be presented, an annual ceremony that chooses the main artists, albums and songs of each genre of national music.

Although the central gala will be at the Movistar Arena at 9 p.m., the so-called “pre-gala” (or premiere) began at 3 p.m. at the Vórterix theater, where more than 30 winners will be announced, corresponding to all the categories that are not included. They will deliver at night. There will also be some shows.

This previous event does not have a live television broadcast, but there will simply be announcements on social networks of the Gardel Awards and CAPIF, the Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers, which organizes the voting.

Among the first winners are Mery Murúa, LBC and Euge Quevedo y Cachumba from Córdoba.

Mery Murúa, best folklore song

The one born in Cruz del Eje triumphed in the Best Folklore Song category with eternal dance. Regarding his feelings about the recognition he obtained, he commented to The voice: “It is an immense joy because of what it means for the musicians of the interior and for the independently managed musicians, to be able to receive a distinction and recognition for our work,” he said from Buenos Aires, via audio.

“It is always complex because it is inside but it also aims to maintain a policy of living and managing everything from the place we choose. Having that possibility of it being federal and that each musician have the same opportunities is remarkable,” he noted.

“Personally, I am happy with the entire process that involved putting together the songs and production; the creation process and what we work on. Thanks to my son who told me ‘let’s go ahead mommy’. We encouraged each other and something nice happened that has the acceptance of the people and we will take it to Córdoba from our hearts,” he concluded.

On the other hand, despite the anger, Euge Quevedo and LBC won the Best Artist of the Quartet shortlist. Vamos las palmitas earned Cachumba the best quartet album.

The first winners were:

  • Tango song: Quinteto Negro La Boca, by Scars.
  • Chamamé album: Flor Bobadilla Olviva & Abel Tesoriere, by Scents of time.
  • Quartet artist album: Eugenia Quevedo & La Banda de Carlitos, by La Muela-LBC.
  • Traditional Pop Artist Album: Dany Martin, by A lifetime.
  • Catalog collection: Ramón Ayala El Mensu, by The man who sings to the man (1964-remastered).
  • Children’s album: Canticuénticos, by To know that I love you.
  • Instrumental-fusion-world music album: Chango Spasiuk, by Eike (Enter the soul).
  • Film/television/audiovisual production soundtrack album: Gustavo Santaolalla, by The last of us, Season.
  • Recording engineering: Escalandrum, by Scaleelectric.
  • Urban pop artist album: Emilia, by .mp3.
  • Electronic music album: Evlay, by 333.
  • Classical music album: Melina Marcos, by Two centuries of music / Argentine composers: volume 2.
  • Live album: Divided, by Divided in Vélez – Thank you and continue.
  • Heavy rock/punk album: Barro, by Constimordor.
  • Quartet group album: Cachumba, by Up the palms.
  • Cover design: Evlay, by 333. Designer: Paula Fernández.
  • Folklore Artist Album: Maggie Cullen by Songs of the wind.
  • Recording of the year: Fito Páez, Andrés Calamaro and Mateo Sujatovich by The Magic Wheel.
  • Tango and/or Instrumental Orchestra and/or Group Album: Quinteto Negro La Boca, by Scars.
  • Rock group album: He killed a motorized police officer for super horror.
  • Best collaboration: Bizarrap and Shakira for Shakira: Bzrp music sessions, vol. 53.
  • Reggae/Ska Album: Ska Beat City by Ska Beat City sings Jamaica.
  • Best Rock Song: Divided By jumping saint.
  • Tropical Group Album: Los Charros by Los Charros 30 years.
  • Pop Song: Diego Torres by Better than yesterday.
  • Tango Album Artist: Guillermo Fernández by The tango singer.
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