The 12 pop and rock albums you need to listen to today (May 2024) | Babelia

The 12 pop and rock albums you need to listen to today (May 2024) | Babelia
The 12 pop and rock albums you need to listen to today (May 2024) | Babelia
Cover of ‘Wiggle Your Fingers’, Gospelbeach album.

– Gospelbeach, ‘Wiggle Your Fingers’

Who are they? American Brent Rademaker’s band, which combines Beachwood Sparks with these Gospelbeach, already a decade old.

It’s so good Wiggle Your Fingers? Rademaker looks like a guy plucked from Laurel Canyon in the ’70s. Even physically: he has straight blonde hair, a four-day beard and usually dresses in jeans and cowboy boots. His music follows that line, the one drawn by David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Neil Young… contributing his touch of psychedelia and a sound of today. But enough talking: the important thing is to listen to this sunny music where it talks about a message that could be summarized like this: although life is often unfair, sad and gloomy, we will always have the music.

Cover of ‘All Born Screaming’, St. Vincent’s album.

– St. Vincent, ‘All Born Screaming’

Who is it? This multifaceted artist who creates with the same weapons as personalities like Kate Bush or David Bowie: avant-garde pop with a drive to embrace the popular.

It’s so good All Born Screaming? This is already the American’s seventh album, an album with almost always romantic and positive themes with doors that suddenly open to dark nightmares. Musically, it is a work rich in rhythms, which may remind the tall fan of PJ Harvey albums from the nineties, such as To Bring You My Love. St. Vincent immerses himself in genres such as soul, funk or reggae to subdue them, stretch them, deconstruct them. Ten songs, 41 minutes, a journey that when it ends you are eager to begin again.

Cover of ‘Meet the Lostines’, album by The Lostines.

– The Lostines, ‘Meet the Lostines’

Who are they? Two singers named Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler and Camile Wind Weatherford who met in New Orleans, decided to form a duo and are now the sensation of the club circuit there. This is their first full-length album as The Lostines.

It’s so good Meet the Lostines? Life is seen with much more optimism when the voices of Casey and Camile merge. Adorable in their interpretation of seventies pop, Motown soul or country. The lyrics are about falling in love when you had already lost hope after many disappointments and that feeling of “feeling young again” arises again, as they say in one of their songs. Beautiful collection of songs.

Cover of the album ‘The scam of adult life’, by Luis Prado.

– Luis Prado, ‘The scam of adult life’

Who is it? One of the most sought-after pianists in Spanish rock: he has put his keys at the service of Miguel Ríos, Ariel Rot, Coque Malla, M-Clan, Fito & Fitipaldis. He acts as lord and master of the Señor Mostaza project and his solo career adds up to a handful of good albums.

It’s so good The adult life scam? Luis Prado’s music is a luxury for Spanish pop-rock. With influences as respectable as those of Paul McCartney, Randy Newman or Fito Paez, Prado composes elevated pop songs with the piano always taking the wheel. He sings about the circumstances that a forty-year-old has to live through today: his setbacks in relationships, how little he fits into technological life, the beginning of disbelief… Master of melodies, with a sound of now that is fixed in the seventies ( that warm drums come from that decade), here he offers ten songs in which he doesn’t lower the level. And this one reaches the remarkable.

Cover of ‘Downtown’, Super DB album.

-Super DB, ‘Downtown’

Who are they? We have already mentioned in this section this English group led by the twin brothers JM JP Sutcliffe. This is his third job.

It’s so good Downtown? A band that does not hide its cards: it sounds like white funk and eighties pop. The first song is like listening to an eighties Huey Lewis, with his black glasses and all the package lively (yeah). Then it gets funkier, with the rubbery bass and synths creating beats. All irresistibly adherent.

Cover of ‘Defiance Part 2: Fiction’, Ian Hunter’s album.

– Ian Hunter, ‘Defiance Part 2: Fiction’

Who is it? Older than Bob Dylan, who is 82 compared to Hunter’s 85th birthday on June 3, this British musician has so many good albums (with Mott the Hoople and alone) that it is hard to understand why he is not much more vindicated.

It’s so good Defiance Part 2: Fiction? With Hunter’s advanced age, musicians often record slow, acoustic albums. But the Englishman delivers a piece of rock and roll album. He is accompanied by stars, but their appearances are very discreet: Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins (both died shortly after recording with Hunter), Brian May, Def Leppard and Cheap Trick. Only Lucinda Williams is noticed in a duet with the protagonist in the beautiful What Would I Do Without You. With a cracked but energetic voice, Hunter attacks rocks and ballads, talks about the past just enough and focuses on a present that, although it may seem strange given his age, he sees as flourishing. And we couldn’t agree more.

Cover of ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’, Billie Eilish’s album.

– Billie Eilish, ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’

Who is it? It seems like Billie Eilish is already a seasoned star, but she’s only 22 years old. That’s how intense her career is. This is the third album by the Californian artist.

It’s so good Hit Me Hard and Soft? The album begins with Eilish collapsing in the song Skinny: “I keep crying, crying and you know why.” It is an almost whispered piece, one of the Californian’s specialties, which seems to be performed in her room, on a sad night and under the covers. It is by no means a gloomy album despite this beginning. Continue with dance songs soft who are about to fall down the ravine of the musical channel, but who come back thanks to the ability to transmit that this woman has in her vocal cords. This is not a groundbreaking album, this is her third album, but it is a pleasant listen with some moments of vocal breakdown that are moving.

Cover of ‘Alcalá Norte’, by Alcalá Norte.

– Alcalá Norte, ‘Alcalá Norte’

Who are they? The band that is most talked about in the Spanish music media. From the Ciudad Lineal neighborhood, Madrid, this is their debut album.

It’s so good Alcalá Norte? Beyond the obvious eighties sound, the strengths of this album are found in Álvaro Rivas’s way of singing (for some, that cockiness will remind you of Toño Martín, from Burning), the literary and philosophical material that he handles in the lyrics (Léon Bloy , Calvino, the god Bacchus, a street in their neighborhood…), the self-confidence with which they interpret them and, above all, in the songs. There are 11 pieces driven by the enthusiasm of someone who records a first album without external contamination. And since enthusiasm alone does not make a good album, there it is The canyon life, 420N either The blood of the poor so that we can enjoy some young boys who handle the raw materials that were built 40 years ago with audacity and talent. Blessed be.

Cover of ‘Wild Eyes’, Broken Gold album.

– Broken Gold, ‘Wild Eyes’

Who are they? An American band of seasoned musicians led by Ian MacDougall, who can be found as a member of Band Of Horses.

It’s so good Wild Eyes? As soon as Broken Gold’s second album begins to play, the memory of The Replacements. It’s not bad at all. It is angry guitar music with the intention of making it accessible. Even in Spiraling they happily sound like The Smiths. Alejandro Escovedo offers vocal depth in Looking Upone of the slow moments of a very enjoyable album.

Cover of ‘To All Trains’, Shellac album.

– Shellac, ‘To All Trains’

Who are they? Steve Albini’s band. The album is published a week after the surprising death, at age 61, of the musician and producer of Nirvana, PJ Harvey and Pixies, among many others.

It’s so good To All Trains? It seems that there is little left to invent in rock, especially in guitar-bass-drums rock. But Shellac and Steve Albini never settled for that theory. They stretch the formula, turn it around, twist it, harden it (and this is merit in a group that leaves rock in its bones). And always with scathing lyrics on any topic. In the final song of this good work, titled I Don’t Fear Hell (I do not fear hell), Albini sings: “When this is over, I will jump into my grave like the arms of a lover.” A farewell worthy of a unique type.

Cover of ‘In Lieu Of Flowers’, album by Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties.

– Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, ‘In Lieu Of Flowers’

Who are they? Behind this group is Dan Campbell, a 38-year-old American who has been vocals in the energetic rock band The Wonder Years for years.

It’s so good In Lieu Of Flowers? This album represents what Counting Crows never did after their excellent debut, August and Everything After. Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties attack folk-pop with an infectious intensity in songs with dramatic upswings and sung by Campbell as if it were the last thing he is going to do in this life. When he comes on the sax he sounds like a seventies Bruce Springsteen. What a great album.


Every month we recommend an album that may have fallen under the radar.

Cover of ‘To Bring You My Love’, PJ Harvey’s album.

– PJ Harvey, ‘To Bring You My Love’ (1995)

Who is it? Kurt Cobain had left the scene in 1994 after achieving his worst nightmare: fame and alternative rock taking over the radio. At 25 years old and from England, PJ Harvey had already released two raw rock albums, one of them, Rid of Me, produced by Steve Albini. But To Bring You My Love It was something else.

It’s so good To Bring You My Love? Alternative rock titans like Mick Harvey and John Parish help introduce PJ Harvey to the blues. The example of the Englishwoman was surely Howlin’ Wolf: she approaches the genre harshly. Cloudy blues with saturated bass. “I was born in the desert. / I’ve been there for years. / Jesus, come closer, I think the end is near,” he sings in the piece that opens the album. Intense, torrid, as sinful as Captain Beefheart. And at the same time with a certain commerciality, if we compare it with his previous albums. A timeless album that still sounds vibrant today.

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