Andrés Calamaro and his high fidelity

Andrés Calamaro and his high fidelity
Andrés Calamaro and his high fidelity

The tour of Andrellowhich is named after Agenda 1999is taking Andrés Calamaro through about ten Spanish places before taking a break and resuming it on the other side of the pond in August with concerts already closed in Argentina and Chile, for now.

The track is given to us by the name of the tour itself, which means that he is celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of his monumental album. Brutal Honesty, one of the peaks of rock in Spanish of all time. In fact, at one point during the concert in Córdoba, Calamaro himself confesses: “We are celebrating, sottovoce, the release of that album” and adds, with a hint of star ego, “when prestige and success came together.” The truth is that he is right.

For this reason, the repertoire was composed almost exclusively of immense hymns included in that double album that is now celebrating a quarter of a century. It started with It doesn’t go any further to the rhythm of canonical blues and they followed Eclipsed, world women’s day, A bomb, The wounds, I love you just the same, The airplanes…And the thousand faithful already risen from their seats since it sounded when i met you until the end.

could see some T-shirt of the Argentine team when it sounded Not so Buenos Aires attached to Clonazepam and circus and some from Córdoba CF, which at that time was tied with Barça Athletic on the cell phones of the attendees.

Calamaro, after the third song, greeted the audience for the first time, remembering Vicente Amigo and “happy to be in the land of Manolete, a cultural legend,” according to the Argentinean.

Following similes of bullfighting vocabulary that the rocker is so fond of, we could say that Calamaro barely summoned a third of the “tendidos” of this plaza (the official capacity of the Teatro de la Axerquía is 3,500 seats), that there was “a lot of cement ” and that the right-hander “punctured” despite doing a more than worthy job supported by his excellent team made up of Germán Wiedemer, Julián Kanevsky, Mariano Domínguez, Brian Figueroa and Andrés Litnin.

And the fact is that sources of backstageto which this newspaper had access, felt a certain discomfort with the organization because the tour team had no news, for example, of the celebration of the White Night of Flamenco the day before, when the dates for such events are closed, or they should be closed, months in advance and taking these factors into account, as they stated.

Even so, those who did well were Andrés Calamaro with his band and the thousand spectators gathered in La Axerquía; that is, the transmitters and the faithful receivers of twenty unbeatable songs that are part of the memory of the best rock composed and written in Spanish.

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