Swedish metal band HammerFall responds to Boric

Swedish metal band HammerFall responds to Boric
Swedish metal band HammerFall responds to Boric

During his second visit to Europe, President Gabriel Boric was received in Sweden by Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, generating great impact on social networks.

On that occasion, Kristersson gave President Boric a valuable collection of 11 vinyls from prominent Swedish metal bands. The president praised the albums of the band HammerFall, and the band itself returned the praise on its official X account.

The gift

During their meeting, Kristersson handed the collection to Boric, who showed visible emotion. The catalog includes very popular bands in Chile such as Meshuggah, Soen and In Flames, among others.

Among the discs that Boric received are “Memorial” (2023) by Soen, “Chaosphere” (1998) by Meshuggah, “Revelation” (2023) by Siena Root and “Nostalgia” (2023) by Enforcer.

Besides, Kristersson gave Boric a Hammerfall setlist signed by the band, some drumsticks and a large poster of Soen, which made the president even more excited.

The band gets excited

During the interaction, Gabriel Boric highlighted one of the band’s vinyls and expressed: “I love HammerFall.”

In the same publication, they add the video and ask to hear “the first thing the president says,” highlighting him as “a man with impeccable taste in music.”

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