Apocalyptica gives James Hetfield (Metallica) a very Finnish gift

June 24, 2024 12:23 pm
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The story of Apocalyptic will forever be linked to a band like Metallica, whose songs performed with Finnish cellos went viral in a world in which that term did not yet exist to describe something that spread by word of mouth, conquering the entire world. This relationship has continued with the release of the album ‘Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol.2’, in which a further step has been taken by having the participation of Metallica members like Robert Trujillo either James Hetfield, who recently received a very Finnish gift from Apocalyptica.

These days, the tour ‘M72’, with which those from San Francisco will return to Madrid on July 12 and 14tours the north of the old continent, with visits to Helsinki in recent days June 7 and 9, an opportunity that has been accompanied by the delivery of personalized Apocalyptica skis as a gift for James Hetfield, who we see accompanied by the cellist Eicca Toppinen in the video that accompanies these lines.

An impressive box, reminiscent of an old western movie coffin, as the musicians joke at the end of the video saying: “How not to end up in the coffin”when James wonders if the text that accompanies the skis in the box are the instructions.

The delivery of these personalized and hand-made skis from the brand Pusu in collaboration with Apocalyptica has come with these words from the Finns: “Without Metallica, Apocalyptica wouldn’t be the same band it is now… It probably wouldn’t even exist! We are very grateful for all the musical inspiration that shaped us as a band and the contribution to our album ‘Plays Metallica Vol. 2’.

When we met James in Helsinki, we gave him the first pair of our Pusu brand Loska Apocalyptica skis as a symbol of our gratitude. “Who was going to tell us, 28 years ago when we started this, that we would become friends with these incredible guys and even work on an Apocalyptica album together!”

The days November 15 at the Santana 27 room in Bilbao, November 18 at La Riviera in Madrid and November 19 at the Razzmatazz room in Barcelona are the ones chosen for the tour downloads of this new work in our country, for which tickets are already on sale through Doctor Music website and Tickets.com. The price is €35 for the concert Bilbao and €45 for those from Madrid and Barcelona (distribution costs not included). There will also be available a VIP Experience through the band website.

The leg of the tour that will bring Metallica to our country has already begun. The two nights scheduled in Madrid for the tour will finally arrive in the imminent month of July. ‘M72’. With the tickets for both nights already sold outthe next notice arrived for the day of friday the 12th which will have the participation of Architects and Mammoth WVH as opening acts, whose tickets are also close to being sold out definitively. Something that will not be surprising to happen on a few dates also for the day of the sunday 14which will complete the actions of Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills. The album presentation ’72 Seasons’ in Madrid it is going to become a milestone in the history of the city. The dwindling number of tickets left on sale are still available at LiveNation.com and Ticketmaster.es.



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